The Murder of Alfalfa – Part II

Very few other child stars have been as widely known and well-liked as Alfalfa. Even in death, he was identified in the headlines by the name he had created 20 years earlier. ALFALFA SLAIN IN FIGHT OVER $50. This is his story.

Mushtaq Sheikh – It’s a Blessing to Have a Soul Like Shah Rukh Even in Your Vicinity

The multitalent of the Indian film industry, the author, scriptwriter and journalist Mushtaq Shiekh, explains in the interview, how he goes about writing, how he finds his stories and how he defines the essence of his friendship with a film star. The interviewer met the writer two years ago and has since then been in touch with him over Bollywood and all things connected.

I Wanna Buy the Twilight Movie

The Twilight Movie DVD release is scheduled for March…and I cannot wait. I’ve pre-ordered my copy already…Have you?

For the Non-Professional Movie Production

Generally the movie productions are used to refer to the large screen movies and the TV shows. But this is a guide for those who wish to make small movies at home with the clippings or pictures available.

Internet – A Phenomenal Medium Also Meant For Watching Live TV Shows

Watching any live shows or programme is no more confined only to the old and traditional medium i.e TV, rather one can grab the advantage of viewing live TV even on the PC. With the availability of the Internet connection, one can get all the updated news through such channels which even broadcast and cover almost all the news channels.

The Transformers – More Then Meets the Eye

Transformers is a 2007 action movie adapted from the Transformer TV series. The movie was directed by Michael Bay and starred Shia LaBoeuf as Sam Witwicky, a young teenager who is involved in a battle against the heroic Autobots and the evil, Deceptions. Both groups of alien robots have the ability to disguise or transform themselves into ordinary machines or equipment.

Burn After Reading – A Full Review

Burn After Reading is a semi-satirical semi-witty film about the U.S. intelligence agencies. Unfortunately, to put it bluntly, the movie is simply a disaster, particularly as it was written and produced by the Coen Brothers.

Stages of Movie Production

As we are all aware, movies are considered as an important art form that entertains, educates, enlightens and inspires the audiences. The visual elements in it do not need any translation which makes it a universal power of communication.

Basics of Movie Production

Movies are the universally recognized medium that shows how we view ourselves and the world. Making of a film is a collaboration of many art forms. It is the joint cooperation of producer, screenwriter, director, cinematographer, and editor working together in a creative way.

Life in the Suburbs – A Cinematic Sampling

Living on the outskirts of a city, where picket fences and pink flamingos dot the landscape, in the so-called ‘burbs, is an experience that many have sought to document. Life in the suburbia is a complicated affair, thus making it fodder for many a director’s high definition visions. Here in no particular order is a list of the top ten movies centered on this place we call suburbia.

American Idol – Building An American Dream

American Idol has become a phenomenon of TV reality shows. But it has become more than just a TV show, to see an unknown girl like Kelly Clarkson go from zero to hero – it’s not only very addictive, gluing millions of viewers to their TVs but it exemplifies the American Dream.

Inkheart Family Film Review

Is this film right for your family? Check out my family movie review and find out!