Righteous Kill No Big Thrill

This film has a great cast of Deniro, Pacino, Donnie Walhberg, among others. Deniro plays Turk a cop who is a hothead but follows the law and keeps protecting the people. Pacino plays his sarcastic chess playing partner, who is loyal like a brother.

Baby Mama – Essential Life Lessons

Baby Mama?! What life lessons can be extracted from a crude comedy with SNL Characters Tina Fey and Amy Poehler? Surprisingly, there are quite a few throughout the movie. The first lessons in Baby Mama is the need for people to feel important; even lying to obtain the feeling. Another life lesson is the importance of making friends with acquaintances. The final lessons is found in many movies, and it is the element of forgiveness. Baby Mama is a fun comedy, also filled with life lessons. Recommended for fans of positive-themed movies.

Felicia Day – A New Artist For a New Generation

Felicia Day, most notable to television audiences as Vi from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and to Internet lovers as Penny from “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” and Codex from “The Guild,” is one of the most versatile unsung talents of our generation. She is a powerful actress as well as a beautiful vocalist, writer and web producer.

TV Reporter Blooper – News Mistakes

Television news has become such an omnipresent force in American life, that the industry has created an interesting yin and yang. Opposing forces bound together by fiber optic cables and satellite dishes. On-air personalities and their audiences intertwined, yet separated, by distances measured in miles and even greater distances measured by perceived social rank.

Project Runway Season 5 Final Three Chosen Tonight

There were four designers left on Project Runway and we finally found out who the final three are. The challenge was to create a wedding dress inspired by their collections and that reflects them as designers.

What is the Origin of Killer Rabbits?

The first ‘Killer Rabbit’ was a fictional beast created for the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Then there came the true story of President Carter and the Killer Rabbit, when the Killer Rabbit decided to take a swim. Since then we have seen many killer rabbits.

Desperate Housewives Season 4 DVD Review

Our four favorite housewives and Edie are up to some crazy shenanigans as usual. Eva Longoria-Parker should be nominated for an Emmy for her portrayal of Gabrielle Sollis.

Pans Labyrinth – Escaping Your Situation

Sometimes our everyday lives can get hectic; overrun by stress, chaos, or violence. In Ofelia’s case, escape may seem like the most reasonable solution, and if you have imagination as vivid as Ofelia, it may be a temporary solution to your problems. However, since escape is only a temporary solution, you will eventually have to face your problems head-on to get rid of them.

The Love Guru DVD Scores More Than Enough Guffaws Than Stinkers to Be Called a Winner

We just lately purchased a copy of The Love Guru DVD and I have to admit it’s groovier than I anticipated it to be. The idea behind the film is a Guru named Pitka is an American brought up outside of the United States and returns to launch his personal self-help business. His initial challenge is to settle the romantic troubles of a superstar hockey player, which is also causing him similar troubles on the ice as well.

Terrorists in Our Midst

What does all of this talk of HBO and television and beliefs and Vampires have to do with “Terrorists In Our Midst”? Well, at least one of the points mentioned above makes a direct correlation between Vampires and Terrorists possible. Terrorists (like Vampires) cannot enter your home unless you let them in. …Why do we continue to invite them in?

Reality TV Auditions – Prepare Your Portfolio With Proper Pictures

The cult-like following shows like The Bachelor and The Amazing Race have garnered have transformed the ‘reality’ TV show format into something of a pop-culture phenomenon. Whether you an experienced or amateur actor, you may have decided you would like to audition for a certain reality TV show. Even if you have no acting experience and no interest in acting, you may be considering trying out for a reality show just for the thrill of it.

HD TV Converter Box – What’s it About?

On February 17, 2009, full power television broadcasting stations are mandated by the government to switch their signals to a digital format. Older televisions that only receive analog signals will be unable to receive new digital signals without being connected to cable or satellite systems, or they must be connected to an HD TV Converter Box.