Pulp Fiction – Review

If you have impressed the audience with a movie once, then what you have done is allowed invariably high expectation towards your other movies by the same audience. This can prove dangerous for your reputation that you built with such difficulty. Quentin Tarantino must have been aware of this to have managed the most dreaded. He improved upon his earlier film showing that extraordinary is possible when talent reaches its apex.

Nativity Story: The Still Small Voice

The Nativity Story, a New Line Cinema release by director Catherine Hardwicke, avoids drowning out the “still small voice” of the divine in a pyrotechnic display of Hollywood glitz, creative imagination, and a Cecille B. DeMille-style biblical epic. Taking its cue from the Nativity itself, that understatement is a better way to emphasize what is truly significant, a troop of little-known actors recreate the world’s best-known story. Here’s what is great and not so great about the movie, and what you can do to conduct your own Nativity investigation.

Will Network Television Eventually Become Entirely Pay Per View

As television watchers – we are NO longer loyal to the big three brands. Cable proved that. So now, will the networks have to pick their battles on a pay per view basis?

Who is Watching Whom? Point of View and Loss of Control in “It Came From Outer Space”

Certain cinematic processes such as 3-D more actively involve movie viewers. When such filming and projection techniques are combined with the subjective point of view, viewers may feel that they are not only participants but in control of the characters. In Jack Arnold’s 1953 film IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE, viewers are given control over the earthlings because the point of view when they confront the aliens is from the aliens’ point of view. With earthlings as their doubles on the screen, viewers are able to recognize their own fear of loss of control; when they view the earthlings from the aliens’ perspective, however, they are able to determine the significance of this loss.

Top Movie Download Sites

The concept of downloading movies is not a new one. Fact is, the technology to stream or download movies has only become viable in the last year or so with many households adopting broadband or cable connection.

DVD Rentals in India

Watch movies with original prints, sound quality and comforts by getting online DVD rental services in India. When we talk about entertainment, movies and songs come as the first choice in the mind of many.

Forrest Gump Review

The movie also weaves the story of his love with his childhood pal Jenny. She could have been a normal kid only if wasn’t for her abusive father. She becomes a hippie but continues to write to him. He comes back and meets her, takes care of her. They share some of the sweetest moments together. Whether it’s Jenny, his momma or his war buddy Bubba, he loves all of them purely with his heart. A movie worth shedding your tears for.

The Natural – Review

An outstanding baseball movie set in 1939. The inspiring plot features a last place team which is suddenly transformed into a contender when Roy Hobbs suddenly arrives. His promising career was ruined by a shooting at the hands of a woman but he is determined not to let his baseball dream die. His middle age still possesses the unfathomable hitting talent of his youth at that time. After winning over a match he is there to turn the game towards victory for the New York Knights. After great team effort and aided victorious performances by coach Red, what become of the match is a great game for the players and the viewers alike.

The Green Mile Review

Hanks is actually a prison guard named Paul Edgecomb in charge of the death row. He treats both the convicted as well as the visitors and other officers with respect and civility. The central plot is set in 1935, where it sees the arrival of a colossus of a killer, John Coffey who is feared by all. His character is played by Michael Clarke Duncan.

Whats All This Talk About American Idol

Although the judges provide feedback to the contestants on ways to improve their performance, and each contestant works with a coach throughout the week to prepare the song they will sing that week on the “American Idol” broadcast, the final decision on who stays and who goes lies with the voters.

The Karate Kid Review

80’s, one decade which receives extreme reactions from all of us. Some of us love the decade and others don’t seem to like it much. But everything was fantastical about the decade with crazy fashions and Madonna, the all time favorite. She seems to be as young to me as the memories of that time.

Why Did the Howells Ever Get Aboard the Minnow on “Gilligan’s Island?”

People lay awake at night for a lot of reasons. Economic anxieties. Family ills. Drunken uncles. Whatever. This is the kind of question that keeps me from true REM sleep.