Stonehenge Auditions – Interview With Bjorn Munson

Stonehenge is a one-day casting event held several times throughout the year in various cities. If you’re an actor, think of it as a mass audition. You’ll be able to perform a monologue in front of 20 or more production companies looking to produce films in the near future. If you’re a filmmaker, think of Stonehenge as a mass casting tool, showing you over 100 actors whom you might call back to read for a specific part.

Psychic TV Shows Exposed

Have you ever watched a TV show and wondered if the psychic and paranormal activity is real, camera tricks or just a hoax for entertainment value only? Many of us have. While obvious dram’s are just that, some shows claim to be streaming ‘real genuine paranormal ability’.

Interview – Om Books International With “Shah Rukh Can” at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Om-Books at the Frankfurt Book Fair – Exclusive Interview with Ajay Mago It’s the day before the official opening of the Frankfurt International Book fair. All carpets are still covered with plastic, there ist still work going on at the stalls. The huge area hums with sounds, but only few people can be seen.

No End in Sight For High School Musical

The original High School Musical Movie was released in Jan. 2006. It immediately caught on in popularity and tweens everywhere showed their loyalty by buying up franchise products such as lunch boxes, jewelry, albums, video games, and clothing.

How to Avoid the Frustration When Top Movies Don’t Deliver

Often these days, newly released films in movie theatres are touted to be the next top box office hits, yet fall short of the hype that accompanies the impending release. While this is disappointing to all movie lovers, it can be particularly frustrating for people who buy the DVDs of these movies without having seen them in the theater first. The biggest problem arises when upcoming movies are touted as being the next top box office hits and then simply do not live up to the promotions and publicity.

Greatest Slasher Villains in Horror Movies

Who are the greatest villains from the slasher genre? This article takes a look at some of the most memorable killers from slasher horror films.

A Review of Dracula, 1931

This is the classic version of the Dracula story on film. No other vampire movie, before or since, comes anywhere near this one for sheer iconic power. Popular culture has absorbed the image of the elegant Count Dracula, with his slicked-back hair and his high-collared cape.

What the Bleep – A Unique and Brilliant Film

Has there ever been an odder film than What the Bleep? Perhaps, but this “fake” documentary’s unique look at the relationship between quantum physics and consciousness is hard to top.

The Conventional Departure in Gilmore Girls Season 7

Seven is considered a lucky number. For fans of the Gilmore Girls, seven does not indicate luck. This is because Gilmore Girls season 7 was the final season of the series.

HBO’s Vampire Tale True Blood Premieres

Last night was the premiere of HBO’s new vampire series True Blood. New Orleans is the setting of this vampire tale and its heroine is Sookie Stackhouse a waitress at Merlotte’s bar and Grill. Sookie is played by Oscar winning actress Anna Paquin of the Piano and X-Men fame.

Documentary Film Making

Documentary films, as the name implies, are films produced with the intention of being an audio-visual documentation of a concept or event. A documentary film is intended to be much more like a piece of journalism than a piece of entertainment or expressive art. There is typically a voice-over narrative going on throughout a documentary film with the narrator describing what’s being seen in a businesslike way without any dramatic reading.

Body of Lies is Captivating and Intense

As my expectations were very high, I was not disappointed. The screenplay hooks you in from the beginning. The action is fierce and fast paced as you travel along on a ground operation by the C.I.A.