Hot Tub Time Machine

Buddy movies have been around for a while, but perhaps Judd Apatow is responsible for their revival. Other writers soon wised up, and a new generation of buddy movies was born. However, there; can be too much of a good thing.

Going 3D With Your Home Cinema

The latest technology on the market is of course the blu-ray 3D experience and if you are looking at entering this market and upgrading your home cinema system you can go all out with a sixty inch full high definition wide screen television with complete 3D ready technology, and you can this for less than a thousand dollars. Of course the standard accessories would include a decent receiver, 3D glasses, and a glass of wine, but generally everything but the wine is available in many packages both online and offline. READ THIS ARTICLE…

Jersey Shore Halloween Costumes – Which Jersey Star Are You?

The Jersey Shore television and celebrity craze just keeps growing as the drama continues. They now even have Halloween costumes for each Jersey Shore cast member. Which personality are you?

Tamil Cinema Industry Set to Make a Movie About the Civil War in Sri Lanka

The ethnic struggles in Sri lanka have been going on for three decades. Those years have been littered with bloodshed and heartbreak, leaving thousands homeless, and even more without mothers or fathers. The history of the brutal civil war that has plagued the island nation for thirty years.

Your Child Could Become Rich Appearing In Television Commercials, Part 2 – Questions And Answers

I have had many parents ask questions regarding their children getting into television commercials. Here are some of them.

Sex and the City – The Movie – Review

Sex and the City, is originally an American cable television series which had a run of 94 episodes on HBO from 1998 to 2004. The film, now one of the top rated movies, focuses on four modern American women. Carrie Bradshaw, a New Yorker who has her own fashion statement. Miranda Hobbes, lawyer with not so favorable views about relationships with men.

New Political Comedy Season for Satellite TV on SNL

A new season of Saturday Night Live has arrived on satellite TV to entertain the people of New York, and the world, for yet another year. Staying true to past seasons with a strong political lean, the program has just as much fodder as ever for picking on politicians. Getting back at the program for constantly making him out to be a blind old fool, the latest season was opened by none other than New York Governor David Paterson himself.

MTV Reality Star Lauren Conrad Returns to Satellite TV

There are some people that struggle through years of torment and angst to get out that New York Times Best-selling novel that they’ve got inside. There are others that stumble upon it by virtue of being, like, totally part of the in crowd in their Laguna Beach high schools. Of course, what can be said of Lauren Conrad, the 24 year old fashion, television and now literary mogul, is all idle prattle if the results are left to speak for themselves.

My Top Five Favorite Eric Bana Movies

Talented Australian actors seem to be commonplace these days in Hollywood. Between Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts, Russell Crowe, Orlando Bloome, there is some serious star power coming from down under. Another great Australian actor is Eric Bana.

The Best Films From Robin Williams Throughout The Years

It goes without saying that Robin Williams has an quite the successful career. He has had more than his fair share of successful comedies, as well as been able to successfully pull off dramatic films, something many comedies fail at. He even has an Academy Award to his name.

Pondering Indy 5

After the latest revisit to the original Indiana Jones series for the thousandth time, the recent announcement of Spielberg and Lucas’ collaboration on the next film came to mind and what exactly the script details were.  There has been some speculation as to the best Indy films as it’s been widely believed that 1 and 3 are the best films and possible reasons why came to mind.  Raider of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade both centered around a heavy Christian/Hebrew plot.

How to Manage Your Home Movies

Are all your DVDs and home videos in a big heap in your study? Do you feel you simply have too much to handle, and when you try and find a film, you just can’t because it is under hundreds of others? Well, hopefully this guide will help you manage your home movies!