Summer Blockbuster Movies 2008

Every summer Hollywood lets loose with all the good stuff they’ve been holding back all year long. For months they have been teasing you with sneak peeks and trailers building up a level of excitement and anticipation the like of which have not been since last summer.

Iron Man Soars Past Expectations! (Review)

The long-awaited film of Marvel’s metal-clad superhero Iron Man is absolutely fantastic! John Favreau’s vision of the comic icon is well presented, providing full details for the greatest of fans and still managing to capture the audience’s attention throughout the entire movie. Beautifully shot, the film uses a powerful palette of colors and images that should be the standard for comic related films.

Battle Royale – One of the Best Movies Ever With Mindless Violence and No Redeeming Social Value!

If you love movies with mindless violence and no redeeming social value, “Battle Royale”, originally made and released in Japan in 2000, is the movie for you. Think “Last House on the Left” with a better budget and cinematic quality but 8 times as many teenagers with a bit of “Scream” tossed in! I normally can’t watch movies with subtitles but this movie is the exception. It is incredibly easy to follow with the subtitles because of the simple “cartoon like” violence. I really wasn’t aware of this awesome film, originally titled “Batoru Rowalaru” in Japan until I heard about it online.

Third World Cop is a Great Movie to Learn How to Speak Jamaican

This is a movie review of the Jamaican movie, Third World Cop. Third World Cop is the story of a tight community in Jamaica where crime is the policy and two life long friends fight against each other. It is really a great film for the person looking to speak Jamaican.

How to Watch Television Online

Watching television shows online used to be quite difficult, with many websites offering lots of tv shows and movies for downoad. The problem was that these were illegal, and to download anything from them was dangerous. With the recent release of the BBC Iplayer in the UK, illegal downloading of television shows could be over.

The Best Ever Kids TV Programmes of All Time

I have been giving some thought to what were the best Kids TV programmes of all time and this has caused huge arguments between friends and colleagues and it will undoubtedly have a lot of people outraged because I’ve left out their favourite. That is part of the fun though..

Amityville Horror – Movie & True Story

The Amityville Horror. You’ve heard of it as a movie or maybe a true story. You might even have heard it mentioned in an Eminem song.

Don’t Have TV Tuner? Watch Out TV Shows For Free Online

The latest development of watching the TV shows on PC have made the people awestruck. On this TVs, one has the access to over 5000 TV channels pertaining to news, programs, shows, songs and many more.

Dr Who -The Early Days and Now

The cliche which stuck to the Dr. Who of the sixties was one of children hiding from the Daleks behind the settee (or sofa, depending on where you came from.) This in itself is a cultural/economic comment. These days you cannot always hide from the daleks from behind the furniture, because it is probably against the wall. In early 1960’s Britain your settee would have been away from the wall and in front of the TV and fireplace because you would not have had central heating.

Movies, Don’t Buy Or Rent – Download & Burn Them!

Nothing on TV. How many times have we all thought that recently? Quite often I think. It really doesn’t have to be like this any longer. See for yourself!

Digital TV Conversion Minus the Hassle

Digital broadcasting will allow stations to offer improved picture and sound quality and additional channels. We should all know by now that all TVs must have a digital tuner built-in or be used with a digital TV converter. So where does that leave you?

A Guide to Watching Satellite TV on PC

A guide to get you watching satellite TV on PC. The pros and cons of the two methods explained and how to be watching TV in minutes.