Trading Movie Stocks – Benefiting From Boom of the Box Office

In earlier days, watching a movie in theatres is people’s biggest entertainment division. Most of the Theatres in the country are increasing the movie rates every day.

Best Movies Ever

I see myself as a very big movie fan and I am always following up on the greatest movies and rating them. I actually enjoy all categories of movies but my favorite categories are definitely comedies that can strengthen my laughter muscles and psychological thrillers that give you goose bumps all over the body.

Video Glasses – How to Enjoy Video With Your Glasses

Technology will never cease to amaze us every day as there are new things that always come out that would undoubtedly fascinate everyone. The number of people that enjoys modernizes life and high technology gadgets are limitless as everyone wants to live comfortably and fast.

Are You Ready For 3D TV? – Here’s What You Need to Know

With more and more movies hitting the big screen in 3D it was only a matter of time before it came to television. Well that day is here and even though the technology is in its beginning stages 3D TV is here, it is exciting and can be enjoyed in your living room. But before you run out and buy anything there are certain things you need to know. Here is what you need to know before buying a 3D TV.

This ‘Spirited’ Film Lacks Substance

A London based successful fashion photographer Armaan sleeps in the station for he hears voices in his apartment or even when he is alone. Realizing that he can not only hear them but also see them the dead contact him to complete their unfinished business on earth. Crazy as it sounds he starts helping them much to the disdain of his clueless girlfriend Ghena.

Must See TV Part 2

Surprisingly enough, there is much to be learned from watching certain shows. And no, they don’t always have to be documentaries.

Must See TV

I consider myself a television aficionado. Wouldn’t you say my 20 plus shows of DVR recording per week qualify me?

It’s Time For an African American James Bond

James Bond has undergone several looks and persona’s over the years and it’s time we take the step to create an African American Bond. After watching QUANTUM OF SOLACE, I came to the realization that no matter who’s writing or directing a James Bond movie, the natural tendency is to revert back to the more traditional Bonds.

How to Make a Homemade Music Video

Ever wondered how to make a homemade music video? Here’s how.

Satellite TV Remembers the Beaver

A charming look back at a gentler time in American history — the 1950s. That was when The Beaver and his older brother Wally learned about life from their very wise dad, Ward Cleaver. Each 30-minute episode centered on the misadventures of the two boys, especially The Beaver. It was lots of fun to watch.

Are You a Fan of the Vampire Diaries?

Overview of the first season of The Vampire Diaries. Also information regarding the season one DVD release.

Detective Genre – Comparing Dirty Harry to In the Heat of the Night

In the detective genre there are two types of detectives. There are street wise detectives and book smart detectives. The street smart detectives are detectives that have a shrewd awareness of how to survive or succeed in any situation, especially as a result of living or working in a difficult environment, they use these experiences to predict criminal actions and eventually capture the bad guy.