Through Venice Darkly

One of the oldest festivals going around Venice film festival is still taking films which redefine the way we think and look at things to this day. It has also provided us with arguments which we take back and discuss by providing films with singular viewpoints. The word which perfectly describe this festival is BRAVE.

I Heart Huckabees

What are the absolutes in our lives? When do we begin to start laying them in our heads? Is there a time for this or is it relative? This is a film which deals with one mans quest to find solitude. But he is too confined by his very ideals which are bringing his own distractions. He takes refuge his thoughts and approaches a existential detective agency.

Review – Elephant (2003)

A disturbing slow paced film which will leave you shocked and speechless. A cinematic gem of a masterpiece which earned itself the prestigious Palme d’Or (Golden Palm) at Cannes in 2003. And above all, a Gus Van Sant film.

Review – I Am Legend

Take 28 Days later, throw in some Cast Away, add a good measure of Will Smith and you’ll have a steaming pot of I am Legend. Serves 200.

Review – The Pursuit of Happyness

This is one movie which works very well because it brings forward a spirit. A spirit which we can all relate with which is happiness.

Review – A Clockwork Orange

There are films which at times tests the boundaries of human perception in every age. This film is one of those inedible creations. It was created by the mastermind Stanley Kubrick who harbored a lot of anger when he read the book. But it was channelized into writing this highly controversial movie which was banned for various reasons in different countries. It challenges the basic fundamental belief that there can only be one God.

Review – Taare Zameen Par

Aamir Khan has taken his time to come as a director but where was this prodigal son all this time. He needs to make many more to give to cinema what very few directors give. This is by far the best film this year and probably live in the hearts of everyone who sees this beautiful film.

Production Houses of Hollywood

A production house refers to a company that is in charge for the development and production of films. In some cases the production house may also be responsible for raising the funds for the film. Sometimes they also sell their products to a film studio or presenting it in a theatrical venue.

Everybody Still Loves Lucy

The love affair with the bubbly red head will never end. Read more about this amazing tv icon.

Television Weddings Shows Are Starting To Build A Vowed Following

More and more wedding shows are hitting the tube. And it is almost amazing that the popularity of these shows continue to grow faster than the divorce rate.

The World Of Science Fiction Has Intrigued Us For Years

From the earliest radio shows to modern Hollywood productions. Science fiction is a big part of our lives.

The Many Gifts Of Disney

Disney has graced our TV sets, theme parks and big screens across America for generations with timeless classics. Learn more about the Disney dream Americans live in.