The A-Team Film Review

Overdose of action from start to finish. There is all sorts of action sequences, you’ll see fist fight, gun fight, explosions in excess, airplane escapes, even a tank firing in mid air.

Sex and the City 2 Film Review

The second sequel of Sex and the City is a drag to say the least. The film is confused in itself as it tries to incorporate everything that it stood for. Be it shoes, sex, glamor, infidelity or all the problems faced by a modern day middle aged married women living in New York.

Robin Hood Film Review

After watching the movie I never felt so bored that all movies set in the 12th century era would be a complete no-no for me in the future. Even if legends such as Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe are behind it.

Seinfeld – Blu-Ray For Sale

If you are fan of the Seinfeld show, and want to have all of the collections at home so that you are able to watch them whenever you would like, you can now find the best prices and selection of the episodes that you want. The hit sitcom was a long running show on TV, and many people became fans of the show and followed all of the seasons and episodes.

Toy Story 3 – A True Family Values Message

Now I’m not one to usually write about a movie that’s out at the theatre now since there’s not too much I want to see. My grandkids kept pestering me this past week to go with them to see Toy Story 3 so I finally gave in. (You know how we always do that with our grandkids!) I had seen Toy Story 1 and Toy Story 2 which I thought were really cute movies with a great message so I didn’t know what to expect of this one besides the fact that it was being promoted in every way shape and form for several months now. I haven’t been to a movie theater in over ten years now, and I was pleasantly surprised.

The New Karate Kid Movie

The New Karate Kid movie was a great and entertaining movie. It was different than the old one, but it was unique and very entertaining. It has been 20 years since the first one came out and I watched it when I was a young boy.

Aang of the Last Airbender

As of the moment while writing this article, I was thinking that the movie The Last Airbender will be a huge success in cinemas worldwide. 3 Trailers and some TV spots had been released over the internet gaining thousands of views from fans which are very excited to see the movie.

Some of the Greatest Movies From My Favorite Actor

There are only a handful of actors today who are capable of playing any role that is thrown at them. I believe Christian Bale is one of those actors.


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The Best Performances by Christian Bale

One of the best actors in Hollywood today is Christian Bale. You can argue that he’s a little intense, but you cannot question his devotion to his craft.

What Makes a Movie Good and What Makes a Movie Great?

If you like writing movie reviews, it’s worth asking what it is that makes a movie a good one. In this article, I will discuss some critical elements for what makes a movie a good one and what makes a movie a great one. Acting is a very important part of any movie.

The Future of Television is Here Now

The future of television is going to be very different than what we have today. Just what will it entail? For starters…