CSI New York Seasons 1-4

CSI New York is a crime based drama which is made interesting because of the fact that the base of the show is New York. New York being such a city of character it manages to provide a perfect back drop for such a series. The investigators on the series try to work hard and put the pieces together in order to solve bloody crimes.

Monk Seasons 1-7 DVD Box Set

Monk is quite a unique show because it manages to bring together mystery, crime and comedy, three elements which have always been winners on television. The show managed to instantly get a large fan base because of its unique format and its funny lead character, Adrian Monk.

NCIS Seasons 1-6 DVD Box Set

NCIS is a TV series which is based on the Naval Criminal Investigation Service agency of the government. Though the series is a spin off from JAG, the show managed to be hugely popular due to the interesting story line and the intense performances of the cast members.

Married With Children Seasons 1-10

Married with children has been one of the longest running and the most successful comedy series on Fox. The show had been a hit since the time it had been launched and it continued to be on air for ten long years. The series had been perfectly cast and while many had thought of it as offensive, it certainly had been brilliant.

Alias Seasons 1-5 DVD Box Set

Alias is a show that take viewers inside the US intelligence and how it works. Starring Jennifer Garner, Alias had managed to be a decent enough hit to be able to be on air for five long seasons. What managed to make the series quite a hit with the audiences is its quick pace and its excitement, every episode bringing in something new for the viewers.

17 Again – An Awesome Movie

“17 Again” is one of those movies that should not be missed by movie lovers. This movie was released in 2009. The story of the movie is different, and all the actors have done a great job.

The New Movie Technologies

Movie presentation has come a long way since its beginnings. Undoubtedly, the most significant advancement is the introduction of digital cinema. It’s this technology that makes 3D movies worth watching.

James Cameron’s Avatar Trivia

James Cameron’s Avatar is Cameron’s first movie since the Titanic…and it is very good! But the story behind the movie is just as interesting as the movie itself.

Movie – Terminator Salvation

This the fourth installment of this well loved science fiction drama. We join the movie finding Marcus Wright played by Sam Worthington (Hart’s war) about to be put to death in a Federal penitentiary, but not before he signs his body over to Cybernet (the precursor to Skynet) headed by Dr. Serena Kogan played by Helena Bonham Carter (Fight Club).

Making Cents of the NBC Late Night War

Comcast is working hard to make money with their new baby NBC. It’s no secret that NBC has underperformed against the competition for years. The days of Cheers, Seinfeld, L.A. Law, Friends and E.R. are all now syndicated and DVD memories.

Why Are Television News Anchors So Irrelevant?

Most people know either subconsciously or consciously the main reasons for why CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox News regulars act like a group of preppy high school girls. Let’s briefly recap 4 common reasons before moving on to the underlying explanation.

The Third Man Remains Alive in Vienna

Movie enthusiasts from around the world have been trooping to the Austrian capital, Vienna. They are on a hunt for an old film that continues to be shown in the city. For these film lovers, the movie “The Third Man” is worth a visit more than getting a taste of the Sachertorte and Vienna’s renowned hot coffee.