Watch Latest Hollywood Upcoming Movies

When it comes to entertainment, the name of Hollywood industry comes to our mind first. This industry is known for making highly entertaining movies that unleash an everlasting impact on the mind of the viewers. The Hollywood films feature impressive storyline that has good blend of various entertaining characters. In addition, they are well directed and produced. The star casting in these movies are just superb.

American Idol – Stairway to Newer Gods

American Idol is the nationwide search for one singer who can be crowned the undisputed music sensation. It can be said that this is one of the most perfect talent reality shows ever to appear on the tube. First started in the year 2002, American Idol has come a long way ever since its initial years. This was initially broadcasted by the FOX Network.

“God Sleeps in Rwanda” – A Film Reflection

The title of this film, as revealed just prior to the credits, is based on a Rwandan saying that God may spend His days anywhere else in the world, but He returns to Rwanda to rest at night in this African paradise. After watching the interviews and daily lives of five women who survived the Rwandan genocide of 1994 during which a million Tutsis were murdered by Hutus, the saying comes as a complete irony.

Beverly Hills 90210 TV Show – The Spin-off Review

If you lived like a full-monty cockroach and had impressively survived during the 1990’s, you probably became a part of the generation who got addicted to the Beverly Hills 90210 TV show. Of course, you might deny it vehemently, but if truth be told, you will be able to tell the original premise of the show under deep stage hynopsis. The show is quite simple – it follows the lives and relationships of teenagers studying in the fictitious West Beverly High School and living in the rich, upscale, and star-studded community of Beverly Hills, California.

3D TV – The Next Big Thing?

With technology moving at an unprecedented pace, it seems that ‘new and improved’, updated gadgets are released almost immediately following a previous version. But no matter how nifty that previous version was, consumers still love to see – and own – the latest, most technologically advanced products. So it’s no surprise that the mention of 3D television has a lot of mouths talking – including those of big electrical companies, who are expecting it to be the next big thing.

How Paul Newman Changed My Life

 I saw Terry Bradshaw speak in Tampa about a decade ago. One of the points he made was that regardless of how much of a big shot you think you are, when you die, only your close friends and family are going to be upset. He said when he hears of a big celebrity passing on, he thinks, “Oh.

The Evolution of Special Effects in Sci-Fi Movies

Ah, the jerky black and white movements of a man in a suit made out of old pipes and microwave ovens. Science-fiction movies are one of the genres of film which have witnessed the most incredible change in look and design over the decades. The best comparisons to be made are the differences between the black and white scarefests of the 1950s such as The Day The Earth Stood Still and Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers and the big-budget computer graphics driven blockbusters of the 1990s and 2000s like Independence Day, the new Star Wars movies and (as an interesting comparison to the original) the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still starring Keanu Reeves.

A View From Paris on Film

There are many reasons why Paris is one of the most popular film locations in the world and the backdrop for countless films and books. Due to The City of Light’s ongoing love affair with the arts, its popular landmarks are instantly recognised by people across the globe; providing the perfect inspiration to jump on a boat, train or plane and take a trip to feast your eyes on some of the most filmed spots on earth.

Carrie Henn – Brief But Brilliant

Imagine for a moment you’re a young girl living far from home with your family on a deep space rock in the cosmos equivalent of the middle of nowhere. Your name is Rebecca and you’re bright, doing well at what passes for school out here and just generally living your childhood as best you can in circumstances that would be hard on any youngster. Your father is a prospector, looking for ore deposits and so forth and accompanying him out into the wastelands surrounding the colony one day suddenly you have to deal with the sorts of things no-one should have to deal with, let alone a small child.

Why Alien Was the Best Movie of the 70s

When you think of classic science fiction movies of the 1970s, the reality is that only one title should sit on the top of what was a very large pile. That title? Alien.

New TV Buyers Beware

Beware of hidden costs involved in the purchase of a new TV. Ask questions before buying.

Top TV Programmes Compete Against Each Other at RTS Awards Show

The nominations for this year’s Royal Television Society programme have recently been announced – as they once again aim to recognise some of the best works aired on television. Included in the nominees is the English Civil War drama, The Devil’s Whore, which has received a nod for best drama serial. The scriptwriter for the show, Peter Flannery, has been shortlisted for the best writer award, while the programme’s star, Andrea Riseborough, has been nominated for best actress.