Seeing a Different World Through 3D Movie Glasses

With the launching of digitally organized 3D films, like the “Avatar”, we cannot help but want for more. 3D films take us to the next level of viewing experience that is really exciting. But we can also watch these 3D films at home, with the use of a 3D DVD player, a 3D applicable television and 3D movie glasses.

Glenn Beck on TV Fighting For America

My father in law watches two channels on TV, well 3 actually. Fox News, channel 26 where we live, the Weather Channel, and that channel with the Deadliest Catch fishing show… Discovery I think?

Tips on How to Write Movie Titles That Will Make an Impact

Making a movie and writing a screenplay are not exclusive for those who are in the movie industry. In fact, there are a lot of people (even kids and teenagers) who are making amateur films.

Hollywood Movies – Why Some Fail at the Box Office

For decades Hollywood has been making movies of different genres. One such genre is sex and violence. But do these movies do really well at the box office or are they really appreciated by people around the globe? Well some admire them while the majority discards them if they fail to relate with the characters.

Tarantino’s Approach to the Notorious Nazi Past

This article analyzes Quentin Tarantino’s recent grotesque postmodernist reconstruction of military operations at the end of WWII. His bad Jewish boys take revenge on the Nazis in the manner of the Apache.

Celebrity Gossip Effect on Celeb Kids

Celebrity gossip affects celeb kids adversely. At an impressionable age, these kids have to read and face a lot because of the celeb gossip culture. This article bares the truth about how much entertainment news portals and publications make life difficult for celeb kids.

Making a Commercial – From Behind the Scenes

It was approximately eight thirty in the morning, clear skies, a perfect day for shooting a commercial in Angel Stadium in California. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until next week. Today, our D.P. out of Orange County and the director are checking out the location.

How to Make a Television Commercial – Finding the Perfect Location

Ever wanted to know what it takes to find that perfect location for you to shoot your project? It takes a lot of imagination and experience to out smart the next location manager. Here’s how.

How to Cast a Television Commercial

Casting for a commercial takes the right faces to sell the product. A good casting director and the right producers are needed. In this article I will take you on what goes on in a typical day in Hollywood while casting for a commercial.

You Too Can Be a TV Star With Talent and Training

Do you ever dream of being a TV star? Turn on your television on any day of the week and you’ll see countless channels dedicated to selling attractive and desirable products. The retail TV industry is booming.

Famous Movies With Animals

If you think back over some of your favourite movies, many of them will have an animal in it that is integral to the plot. Animals generate big bucks when it comes to box office revenue.

Best College Graduation Movies

The time immediately after graduating college can be both an exciting and scary time. On the one hand you may have a sense of immense pride at your accomplishment, and rightfully so. The future is wide open to you.