Stacy Peralta on “American Gangsters” & “Crips and Bloods” – Made in America – Tonic News

Exclusive interview with Stacy Peralta on “American Gangsters” & his latest film, Crips and Bloods: Made In America. The film is about American subcultures & prevalent gang violence which inspired him to showcase gang members as human beings.

Why Arrested Development is the Best Show on Television

This is an essay written by a grade 11 student that explains with perfect clarity, to fans of the show or people who hate it, why it was the best show on television. If you think you hate this show or if you love it, read this article.

Watchmen, the Most Celebrated Graphic Novel of All Time

The world of Watchmen that Alan Moore plunges you into when you begin the comic is beyond amazing, it is magnificent. The story line so twisted and complicated, it’s beautiful, the comic within the comic, and now that marvelous venture has been made into a movie.

Seinfeld and Friends at Their Finest

One of the most watched TV shows of the 1990’s was The Seinfeld Show. The show grew from the idea of “a show about nothing” into the most watched show.

Spring Programming Warms Up Audiences

As spring arrives the weather’s looking murky – and so is the current economic condition. But there are some bright spots to look out for in the spring television schedule this year. Packed with entertainment, drama, game shows and more, there’s plenty for viewers to tune in for in the upcoming months.

The Mysterious Wolverine

No one really knows much about Wolverine of the X Men. He is the most mysterious of all the mutants and he is one of the most popular. Let’s find out more about the mutant we know as Logan.

What Are Some of the Best Western DVDs?

In today’s day and age, most movies that were made and at least had a somewhat good performance at the box office can be found on DVD and sometimes even videotape. There are all kinds of different genres and the western DVDs are some of the most exceptional cowboy and Indians or gunfighter movies that were ever made. These can be found at most video stores as well as websites that cater to the movie crowd. Most are digitally remastered and are quite clear and vibrant. One may even once in a while run into a box set that will contain two or more of these. And, if per chance the specific movie for which you are seeking is not yet on video or DVD then, rest assured that it is on the list and will eventually make it to these digital media formats.

Old Western Movies – Favorites of Many Viewers

There are many old western movies that are favorites of many viewers. These are the genre of movies that has withstood the test of time and probably will surely continue to do so. Although, many of these types of films were usually filmed on a sound stage or a studio set, they were also films or movies that utilize some of the most beautiful locations while telling a story about the western way of life. Almost all of these types of movies envelope a gunfighter and a saloon considering that these were considered to be a way of life in the wild west. There are many movies that have taken one this concept and they are now considered to be almost classic. Lets take a look at some of the old western movies and discuss or explore a little bit about them.

A Closer Look at Hotel For Dogs

Dog party ideas are very popular lately…you can find dog party supplies and even dog pinatas everywhere! Could it have something to do with the movie “Hotel for Dogs”? Let’s find out what this doggie hotel movie is all about!

The WALL-E Factor

WALL-E is one of those great kids movie that has now turned into a popular kids party theme. WALL-E party ideas are easy to plan and host. Learn more about the movie and the party theme. You can even find a WALL-E pinata!

John Wayne Western Movies – Large Part of Hollywood Westerns

Marion Robert Morrison was a person who basically took Hollywood by storm and became a very big movie star. Although, if one was to discuss Marion Morrison with folks, many would not know who they were speaking of. That is because the odds are that they would not know him by this name. On the other hand, if one was the say the name “John Wayne,” then, almost instantly, they would recognize who exactly you would be talking about. He was one of the most famous and important actors to ever grace the silver screen and made over one hundred films, many of which were westerns. Therefore, lets take closer look at some of the John Wayne western movies and discuss some of their aspects.

Classic Western Shows – Popular in Television and Film Industry

There are many what would be considered classic westerns in both the television as well as the film industry. It is this genre that is a constant favorite of many cowboy buffs and these folks will always be found watching them when they are being shown on television. These shows would feature gunfights and horseback riding throughout the west and there were both good guys and bad guys.