How Dr. Drew Saved My Life and the Lives of Countless Other Addicts and Alcoholics

Through his sincere compassion and tireless dedication, Dr. Drew has not only eliminated the stigma associated with addiction, he has given addicts, such as myself, hope for a successful recovery. So, how could someone who isn’t my psychiatrist or my counselor have saved me from the throws of my addiction?

Halo: Forward Unto Dawn – An Often Overlooked Great Science Fiction Miniseries

Looking for a new Science Fiction series to watch? Halo: Forward Unto Dawn is a great web series that is unfortunately often overlooked because it is based on a game.

An Emotional “New Year’s Day”

“New Year’s Day” is not a typical comedy in that there are several scenes that involve high drama and suspense. The basic premise of the film is simple and easy for viewers to follow. “New Year’s Day” celebrates the value of life and how far people are willing to go to experience life fully.

Top Five Family Films of 2012

Going to the movies together is a fun family activity that can help build bonds and create lasting memories. While 2012 had some tragic movie moments, an overwhelming number of parents, children, brothers, and sisters went out to catch a picture on the big screen and came away smiling. By and far, these were the best family-friendly movies released in 2012: “Wreck-It Ralph” The wonderful thing about video games is the way they bring people together.

From Page to Small Screen: Hot TV Adaptations of Your Favorite Books

Books have provided Hollywood with countless ideas. Here are just a few you can find on TV now.

Satyajit Ray – The Cinematic Genius

An introduction to Satyajit Ray, who is hailed as a multi-tasking genius of cinema. An attempt to explore what made his movies so special.

Belushi’s The Blues Brothers Ray-Bans: A Very Good Investment

John Belushi made an amazing impact on the film industry and in particular his iconic role in the movie The Blues Brothers. Did you know that he never takes off his sunglasses in the movie? If you’re sunglasses are scratched or damaged then don’t replace them. You can just replace the lenses for a fraction of the cost. So get them replaced today and you too could look as cool as John Belushi does in his sunglasses.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: What a Ride!

Love him or hate him Leatherface is back. This is a retrospect on the Chainsaw movies.

The Influence of Bollywood on Hollywood Continues to Grow

Bollywood is the term given to movies in Hindi that are produced in Mumbai, India. It is a mixture of Bombay, which is what Mumbai used to be called, and Hollywood. For years, Bollywood cinema was largely ignored by the rest of the world outside of India and surrounding countries, but that is simply not the case anymore.

Lincoln Vs Congress

In the new Oscar-nominated movie Lincoln, the Civil War-era president battles Congress to pass the 13th Amendment. Actor Daniel Day-Lewis portrays a generally calm, unruffled, but determined 16th president.

Detailed Summary of the Movie “Pretty Woman” Plus Why I Loved It

Julia Roberts & Richard Gere star in the movie Pretty Woman (1990) where Richard Gere is a business man named Edward who buys business then sells them off in parts and Julia Roberts is a prostitute named Vivienne. They cross paths when Edward is lost driving down Hollywood Boulevard and spots Vivienne trying to pick up work. Edward stops Vivienne to ask for directions and Vivienne gets in his car and goes with him to his luxury hotel. Edward asks her to stay the night but finds out he wants to spend more time with her. Edward needs an escort to some business events and decides he would rather have a woman like Vivienne rather than some stuck up escort so Edward pays Vivienne $3000 to say with him for a week, to Vivienne that is a lot of money so she accepts. This movie is about a woman realizing her true value and a man realizing that there is more to life than just work; they fall in love and enrich each others lives.

Caddyshack Quotes Revisited

Funny movies are a dime a dozen, but only a few gather a following of fans that like to recite movie quotes on a regular basis. I believe that the 80’s classic movie, Caddyshack, is the most notorious of them all.