Top 10 Greatest Blaxploitation Movies of the Seventies

The origins of the blaxploitation movie can be found in the need of recognition of the black audience at the end of the Sixties. They were looking for a cinema that reflected their daily life and experiences. The ingredients of this sub-genre includes nudity, violence, funky soul music and are centred around a black protagonist in a world crowded with drug dealers, players, hustlers, pimps (and their striking outfits and cars), call-girls and bounty hunters. Well, on number 10 we have got…

Vampire Diaries: Elena Gilbert

Elena Gilbert Profile – Characteristics: Elena is seventeen, athletic and slender. Her complexion is olive with brown eyes and long, straight, dark brown hair. Personality: During the pilot episode, we see Elena as a melancholy, withdrawn and quiet individual.

Vampire Diaries: Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore Profile – Characteristics: Throughout most of the show, Damon wears his jacket. The character of Damon has a pale complexion with light blue eyes and brown hair. He also often wears a black shirt.

Vampire Diaries: Tyler Lockwood

Tyler Lockwood Profile – Characteristics: Tyler is a handsome and dark man with close-cropped brown hair and brown eyes. Personality: Tyler is a very cocky and self-assured person that often acts as a bully. Tyler views himself as a sort of alpha male and seems to have no trouble forcing himself on women.

Vampire Diaries Television Series

The Vampire Diaries is a television series in the United States that is based on a book series written by L.J. Smith. The series currently airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on the CW Network in the United States and on the CTV in Canada.

Vampire Diaries: Stefan Salvatore

Stefan Salvatore Profile – Characteristics: Stefan is a tall and lean, handsome man. He has short, brown hair with green eyes. He is often serious and sad, but can have an engaging smile.

Vampire Diaries – Jenna Sommers

Jenna is a dark strawberry blonde-haired woman with blue eyes. She is the much younger sister to Elena and Jeremy’s mother, Miranda. After the Gilbert’s died in a car accident, she becomes the legal guardian to the children.

Underbelly – Can A Police Officer Become a Prostitute?

I have been watching the third series of Underbelly: The Golden Mile and so many people I know have said that there’s no way that the main character Kim could be accepted into the police force when her previous employment was as a prostitute. The Underbelly series is based on real life incidents, people and places. The third series is situated in the heart of Sydney’s Kings Cross area and sees cops, drug deals and night club owners all living out of each others pockets.

Becoming A Bollywood Actress

Bollywood has become a great presence in the modern cinema industry. Known for its beautifully ornamented costumes, gorgeous leads, and fabulous dance numbers. Bollywood movies are the must see for anyone. But to break into acting in Bollywood can be just as laborious as getting work in Hollywood. With a few steps, an aspiring actress can increase the chances of being discovered.

Vampire Diaries Matt Donovan

Matt can easily be described as an All-American, boy-next-door type with overall good looks. He is a tall and athletic man with blue eyes and blonde hair. Throughout most of the pilot episode, he is wearing a red and black Mystic Falls Timberwolves jacket.

The Top Seven Pizza Delivery Movies

You will see that there is a wide range job of jobs which you could choose from, and you will see that a pizza delivery job will be a stereotype. If you want to see the proof then you will see that there are many type of movies which show a scene with a pizza delivery scene. It doesn’t matter if it is a romance movie or horror movie or even a comedy movie, you will see that in these types of movies they might not have a big impact on the movie but they are still featured in the…

Vampire Diaries Jeremy Gilbert

Jeremy was deeply affected by the loss of his parents and he deals with this through drinking and drugs. Once Vicki is staked by Stefan, Elena tells Damon to wipe his memory so he can forget about what he seen. This drastically changes Jeremy’s personality: he no longer does drugs and he is more focused on his homework.