Reality Show Stinks to New Lows

It’s a good thing scratch and sniff programming doesn’t exist because television viewers probably couldn’t bear tuning into a new reality show planned to debut next week.

The Last Round for Rocky Balboa

A review on the newest Rocky film. Rocky Balboa is back in action. Does this movie fit with the rest of series? Is Sly Stallone too old? All these questions answered and more!

How To Watch Free TV On Your PC

Technology has come a long way and with the Internet this is no exception. One technology that has advanced rapidly is satellite TV which will allow you to watch free TV on your PC.

Boys Don’t Cry Stirs Our Baser Emotions But Fails Miserably to Increase Our Understanding

How can a film produce an Oscar winning Best Actress performance and a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination and still be a terrible movie? Easy, just fail to deliver an important message involving understanding and knowledge when you have millions of moviegoers who are glued to your presentation. Boys Don’t Cry only reinforces all of the stereotypes, prejudices, bigotry, stupidity and transphobia already present in our society and culture.

Grey’s Anatomy: Musical Montage Cop-Out

Grey’s Anatomy uses music better than any show I’ve ever seen on television. This is a fact. Perhaps shows have had better music. This is not what I am arguing. Greys Anatomy’s

Will Piracy Bring Jack Bauer Down?

On 24, Jack Bauer has faced every flavor of bad guy in existence and emerged victorious; the one illicit individual to finally bring him down, however, was a computer

Deal or No Deal and the Gambling American

Deal or No Deal is a great show that, like the BuddyTV article states, taps into the American fascination with gambling. The contestants on Deal or No Deal are very diverse,

Top Ten American Idols Ever

American Idol boasts the largest audience in the history of the United States. It seems like everyone I’ve ever met not only watches the show, but is passionate about it.

Options for Video Rental

A lot of people prefer go to the video rental shops rather than go through all the hassles that come with going to the movie theatre. I also hate being out there with the noise, grumps, ratty drivers, and freaky persons that are part of the indoor theatre crowd. You will also indulge in video rental if you have agoraphobia, ADD, ADHD, or any other affliction that forces you to be confined within the safety of your own home.

An Interview With “Zero Day” Director Ben Coccio

“Sometimes a subject just chooses you and it’s impossible to look away. When that happens, you just have to approach the subject honestly and hope others can find value in it.” Filmmaker Ben Coccio gave this explanation for choosing the subject of high school shootings for his first feature length film, a fictional account of two teenaged boys planning and carrying out a deadly attack on fellow students.

Making Macbeth Modern in Scotland, PA

A look at a modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth in Scotland, PA. Shakespearian tragedy and fast food comedy, I like it.

Cartoons For Grown Ups – The Adult Swim Nation

Cartoons are skewing towards adults these days, more and more building upon the successes of Japanese and Sunday programming.