3D Movies Drive Box Office Sales

Ticket sales for 3D movies have increased the film industry’s revenues even though audience numbers are shrinking. Sales in the USA, UK and Asia are all up, but are some people being put off by cheap 2D to 3D conversions?

Buying Tickets to Your Favorite Theatre Play Is Easy Online

When searching tickets to your favorite theatre plays, the best place is to visit is the Internet. There are many websites that help you buy tickets in advance at discounted rates. Online ticket booking experience can be an easy, secure and a time saving experience.

Wall Street 2 – People Always Sleep (Through This Movie)

Having seen the fast paced nature of the 80’s monster hit I thought the return of Gekko would mean a bite to the film would still remain, especially with Oliver Stone reprising his role as the director. I thought it might be a blast from the past, an update on the modern classic…

Information About Harry Potter Tours

If you enjoyed the Harry Potter books and movies, you will definitely enjoy the Harry Potter Tour. At the author’s request, the movies were filmed entirely in Britain. The filming was done at various locations in London, Gloucester and Oxford.

Finding The Best London Film Locations

London is a city with many scenic and iconic landmarks. There are many London film locations around the city. Many production companies use this setting for a lot of Hollywood movies.

James Bond Actors: Your Guide To Agent 007

Each of the six James Bond actors has their own style, appeal and uniqueness in their portrayal of Ian Fleming’s famous creation. James Bond is a legendary super spy known internationally as a figure who has brought action and entertainment to our cinema screens. Agent 007 is the essential ingredient in a remarkable film series that has currently spanned 46 years.

Emmys Broadcast

In 1965, the sister organizations of both Los Angeles’ Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and New York’s National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences both aimed to boost the prominence of their Emmy Awards ceremony. They looked to Hank Rieger as publicist to establish each year’s announcement of the Emmy Award nominees as a momentous annual event.

The Greatest Ghost Hunting TV Shows Around

It seems more people now than ever are interested in the topic of ghosts which ultimately has given us an influx of ghost hunting TV shows. Just in case you didn’t know about some of these shows and you are interested in ghost hunting and ghosts in general I decided to write this post listing some of the better ones.

Tangled in Your Dreams

This is a review of the Disney movie Tangled including a synopsis and interpretation of its theme of living your dreams. Dreams only come true when you take action and believe in yourself.

Stay Right In the In Crowd When It Comes To The Latest Movies

Why be the one of the ones who never knows what is going on? You known, those guys and gals who seem to be out of the loop when it comes to all of the up and coming flicks. Wouldn’t you just love to shock a few of your friends [and enemies when you with the greatest of east breeze through the up and coming movies with the greatest of cinematic detail!

Keep Pace With Television Viewing, Never Get Lost in the Plot Again!

When the evenings soap opera television series, Peyton Place with its more than never to be remembered 200 characters, and those heart stopping plot twists, who could do anything other than stay habitually glued to those fast paced weekly showings? If you missed so much as a single episode, then you may as well either turn off you set, or watch Andy Griffith because you will never in a million years be able to delve into all the detail which was way back then being dished out!

Hindi Cinema: A Business

It is a common saying: ‘Cinema is the reflection of the society’ If this hypothesis is true then we, Indians have to cry to everything. From loss of love to son going to abroad, tears and melodrama should be the part of our life. We should sing songs and dance in every walk of life.