Stereotypes in Teen Horror Movies

Teen horror movies are ripe with stereotypes. The negative depiction of women, racial and ethnic minorities, and gay people are common in these movies. The way teen horror movies depict these characters may affect the audience’s view of their their own reality. This may lead to discrimination and prejudice towards some groups in our society. Therefore, film makers needs to maintain a more balanced portrayal of these movie characters.

Cult Classic – Mad, Mad, Mad World

Some people love gambling on everything, which gives a great basis to the comedy action race movie genre. Comedies like Its a Mad, Mad, Mad World and Cannonball Run.

Celeste Thorson – A Natural Born Artist

She often volunteered to teach computer literacy at Western New Mexico State University and as a camp counselor at a water sports camp. She followed in her mother’s and grandmother’s footstep by attending Instituto Allende, the historic classical art institute located at international art colony of San Miguel De Allende Guanajuto, Mexico.

Who Has Wondered What It Would Be Like to Grow Up With Someone Who Became Famous?

I’m sure there are thousands of people out there who had this happen. As kids, everyone’s friends seemed normal, you never would have guessed in a million years that one of “your group” would turn into a movie star, rock star, TV star, famous athlete, or worse, end up as some reality star.

Top Classic Christmas Movies

Christmas day is on its way. Many people who interested in movies are planning to watch movies with people they loved. Here is a list of top classic Christmas movies for your reference.

Are There Any Differences In Quality Between Combination Or Standard Blu Ray Movies And Discs?

While the introduction of combination DVD and Blu Ray movies on one disc has been slow, such discs are now starting to show up on store shelves. As such, when one buys a combination DVD and Blu Ray discs, one can play such titles both now and in the future. Of course, in doing so, one also prevents having to purchase titles which one may already own on DVD.

The Truman Show Starring Jim Carrey and Ed Harris

The Truman Show stars Ed Harris and the hilarious Jim Carrey. Peter Weir directed the film and Andrew Niccol was responsible for the writing. The Truman Show premiered in 1994.

Why People Enjoy Sad Love Stories

There is not a female on this planet who doesn’t like a romantic movie. Maybe you wonder if sad love stories are the exception. Probably not! Everyone likes to see people fall in love. The outcome of the story is not usually an exception.

He-Man Action Figures: Cartoon Series History

When He-Man first hit television screens in 1983, it took the cartoon world by storm. First and foremost, it was the first cartoon series directed at children that had a collection of toys, the He-Man action figures to accompany it. Generally, advertising directed at children was heavily censored so that the makers of the He-Man action figures, Mattel, used the cartoon to promote the brand was considered innovative at the time.

Reviews of Raising Hope

Greg Garcia is a known Director who has directed various shows earlier. His new promising television show is Raising Hope which is a story of a family trying to make the ends meet. Lucy becomes pregnant when she gets in touch with Jimmy and they both get close.

Information on Raising Hope

A lot of viewers have given the positive votes for a comic television show called ‘Raising Hope’. This is the reason why it is rated as the top most comedy show of this fall season. Directed by Greg Garcia, the lead role has been played by Lucas Neff who is a new comer in the acting industry.

Raising Hope – More Is a Challenge

It is a well-known fact that ‘Raising Hope’ is an American comedy television show that has attained popularity in just a few days. There has been a lot of pressure on the team of this show as the Fox has ordered a full season of episodes. Greg Garcia, the creator of this series has revealed the fact that because the show has achieved positive responses from audience all over the world.