Discover The Amazing Pulse Pounding Story of The Transformers!

You would be hard pressed to find anyone today who hasn’t heard the story of Transformers. Transformers is a line of toys, Marvel Comics series, TV cartoon and movie blockbuster created in the early 80s. The story of Transformers was first told is a series of Marvel comics written in support of Takara and Hasbro’s new line of shape changing toys.

Who Is Romantic On This Valentine’s Day?

For Valentine’s Day, this face-reading expert has studied the character features on the faces of Hollywood stars to find out: Are they romantic or not? If you want to find the perfect, romantic partner, your Valentine, you should read this. Keep in mind, love is blind and marriage is an eye opener.

Ronald Reagan – Not Just Your Average Actor

No doubt, America’s 40th president Ronald Reagan is an actor by profession before crossing the verge of politics. He starred as actor-cum-host in General Electric Theater, a radio and television anthology series which features some of the greatest short story, play, novel adapted and portrayed with the likes of James Dean, Groucho Marx, Fred Astaire and other formidable actors of classic Hollywood.

Collecting Celebrity Memorabilia For Fun and Profit

We all have favorite celebrities and buy their merchandise. We join fan clubs, go to concerts and buy their movies and CD’s, but what few people realize is that it can also be very profitable.

The Producer Owns the Biggest Asset of All

Ever since the introduction of “Motion Film” in the 1880’s, the spectacular world of film has been linked to the exciting world of business. Film producers run the most successful business of all.Producers claim and support all film and television production around the world, the biggest producers coming from Hollywood even though it had a late start into the “movie’ world, though all producers run a huge risks of major cash loss.

Classic TV Commercials – Diverse and Daring Advertising

Some television commercials have become just as famous as the shows during which they were aired. The 1950s saw the dawning of television advertisements and produced some of the most memorable. This article discusses the types of products promoted on television during the 1950s and the techniques promoters used to get into classic television audience’s hearts and minds.

So Why Are We Having To Wait For Our TV Shows?

As of 5th November 2007, the Writers Guild of America both East and West have been on strike. This accounts for over 12,000 writers from film, television and radio in the US. Here are some of the reasons behind their strikes.

A Fable for Food Haters – Supersize Me

For most foodies, this is a hard film to look at. When it first hit the theatres, Supersize me had an oddly revolting effect. I’m told that sales of candy and popcorn declined when it was shown and two friends who saw it in the theatre left feeling nauseated.

Baby Boy Names and Baby Girl Names From the Glittering Movie Stars

New parents often choose their baby boy names and baby girl names from the glittering movie stars. The movie star names we will look at here are strong and beautiful enough to make us dream.

Reality TV Shows – Here To Stay Or A Passing Phase?

These days, you cannot turn on the television without viewing an advertisement for a reality TV show. These shows cram the prime time line-up and draw ratings like crazy.

Josh Hartnett Is A Paper-Mache

30 Days of Night star Josh Hartnett was inked to do Bunraku, a live-action film based on the century-old Japanese puppet show. As he is set to film in Romania, this hot actor explains that this movie is a combination of classic Western and Samurai movies but not a fantasy-type of movie. He will play the revengeful Drifter and the movie will be done with the mix of CGI and practical sets that will create the world of Bunraku.

How To Market Your Way Into Becoming The Next American Idol?

American Idol…an excellent platform to kick start any successful contestant’s singing career. The question is – what can you do to increase your chances of winning?