Targets of TV Channels

There are three different types of mass media. First is print media. This comprises of magazines, newspapers, pamphlets, books, brochures, and leaflets.

Television Channels Helping Kids to Be More Aware and Knowledgeable

Certain television channels target your child’s development and milestones. Check out how.

A War Movie For People Who Know Or Care Nothing About War

Last summer, NBC’s Brian Williams wrote a piece called “The Hurt Locker: Hurting for a Fact-Checker” regarding one of the top two contenders for Best Picture at this weekend’s Oscars. Williams noted, “I found a slew of technical inaccuracies based only on my few trips to Iraq during the height of the conflict. Seeing the movie made me go back over many of the positive reviews I read… [I]t is now clear none of them was written by anyone who had spent any time with U.S. armed forces in Iraq.”

Discount Movie Tickets Sources

Want to see the latest movies today with discount movie tickets? Going to the cinemas is really one of the best past-times for a lot of people. Not only is it relaxing, it’s also a great opportunity for friends and families to bond over.

A New Judge For American Idol? Yep, His Name is God

Maybe you haven’t read about it lately or haven’t heard, but American Idol is searching for someone to replace Simon Cowell after this season finishes. Who will be the Next American Idol Judge?

I Am Writing Just Because I Can, and I Really Liked Gran Torino

Once I get on a writing roll, it’s like any abused substance. Can’t get enough. Yes, and that movie was truly a Clint Eastwood classic.

Cinematic Movies of 2009 – Top 7 Personal Favourites

When I go to a cinema, I try to watch movies that are worth my time and money. So I research trailers, reviews and ask what my friends thought about the movies that I wanted to see. Sometimes the best advice is personal experience.

Make it in Hollywood – From a Small Town to the Big Time

Now, I’m no Angelina Jolie, but I have starred or co-starred in over twenty independent films and several TV shows as an actress and I came from a small town up in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho with absolutely no connection to anybody in the film industry. If I can do it, you can do it!

“Chop Shop” Starring Alejandro Polanco

“Chop Shop” from the beginning is obviously a low-budget film, but is nonetheless a movie that will captivate you. It entails a brother and sister who are trying to eke out a living on the streets of Queens, NY. Ale (Alejandro Polanco) does odd jobs at a body shop, and engages in petty thievery on the side.

The Entertainment Industry is Giving Us Hell

Plato said, “Those who tell the stories rule society.” Like film we reflect the image of our exposure choice. Entertainment ranks at the top of what shapes culture. Has America once the envy of the world become the enmity of the world? Imagine Hollywood with a mission to restore US international image with compelling stories reflecting the virtues of character.

Miss Universe – Interesting Facts!

Miss Venezuela’s president Osmel Sousa is the most successful national director in Miss Universe history. Under his presidency, Venezuela has won five international titles: 1981, 1986, 1996, 2007, and 2008. Sousa’s fledgling career received a big boost in 1981 when his pupils won the Miss Universe and Miss World titles. In July 1981, Irene Saez finished first in the Miss Universe pageant in New York, winning back the global title that Venezuela had lost in May 1980 when Maye Brandt was eliminated in the first round in Seoul, South Korea.

Miss Universe 1982

After photographs of the 77 entries appeared in newspapers in Lima, Chile’s Jenny Purtho Arap became one of the pre-pageant favorites. She had been seen as the first Chilean with a real chance to win the universal title. Historically Chile had not been competitive in MU. Other favorites for Latin America were: Ava Marilyn Burke (Bahamas/ Miss Photogenic 1982), Celice Pinto Marques da Silva (Brazil), Eva Lissethe Barahona (Honduras), Maria Francesca Zaza Reinoso (Peru), and Ana Teresa Oropeza (Venezuela).