What Other Superhero Time Period Movies Could Be Made?

X-Men: First Class has proven setting superhero movies in historic time periods is a winning formula. It adds a degree of reality to the film, whilst making the movie smarter than your average comic book movie. If anything X-Men: First Class has shown superhero movies now need to offer something different in order to succeed. If setting the film in the 60′s was an instant hit, it’s left me wondering what other superhero time period movies could be made?

Where Have The Decent Horror-Romance Films Gone?

There was a time when “Frankenstein”,” King Kong”, and “The Wolfman” were what people thought of when they thought of horror films: quality productions with a tight, interesting script that created a seamless blend of horrific thrill and romance. If someone uttered the words Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, or Vincent Price you would shutter in fear…

10 Chick Flicks to Avoid (Or Indulge Your Tears)

It’s happened to us all. You’re innocently flipping through channels on a quiet Saturday, choking down the tears that threaten to spontaneously bubble up and disturb the calm you’ve worked so hard to maintain and… there it is. The movie.

10 Reasons Why It’s Time For You To Rent Movies Online

If you’ve been reluctant to rent movies online using either DVD by mail or instant movie streaming services, here is a list of 10 reasons for you to reconsider. Online movie rental has never been easier or cheaper and with so many places to choose from, there’s never been a better time to rent movies online. Find out why!

Juno – Worst Hipster Movie Ever (So Far)

Juno is, in my decidedly non-humble and belligerent opinion, not only the most overrated film of the last decade, but also one of the worst. Before we go any further, let me assuage any accusations you might be formulating that I’m just trying to espouse an unpopular opinion for the sake of doing so, or that I didn’t want to like the movie: the second part is true. But I also went into Little Miss Sunshine (2006) expecting and wanting to hate it, and it won me over. I didn’t think it deserved to be regarded as one of the best films of that year, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Let it also be known that I like all of Wes Anderson’s films (to varying degrees), The Squid and the Whale (2005) and Napoleon Dynamite (2004), so please don’t think I just hate quirky indie movies. That said, let me expound upon why this is the most insufferably cutesy and irritating film I’ve seen since Zach Braff’s Garden State in 2004 (and I think this one just might be worse).

Memoirs of an Invisible Man Movie Review

Nick Halloway is a man with no family and few friends. When an accident turns him invisible, crooked CIA operative Dave Jenkins relentlessly pursues him in order to sell him on the black market as the perfect secret spy.

Tamil Cinema Goes to the Next Level

Tamil cinema is getting better every year and is definitely in the right path, not only it does well in international film festivals, but also in national festivals and events. Recent accolade for tamil movies is that in the recent National Awards it has bagged considerable number of awards including for the best performing hero and heroine roles, best choreographer and best director categories.Deviating slowly from its normal action and masala kind of movies tamil cinema is seeing a lot of character oriented movies and some classy performances.

Narcissistic Emotional Abusers, “The Bachelorette” and the NBA Finals

Whether entertainment comes from watching the Dallas Mavericks go head to head with the Miami Heat in the 2011 NBA Finals or whether one sits back to watch how love unfolds or doesn’t unfold in the 2011 season of “The Bachelorette,” most of us enjoy taking in some type of relaxation after a long day. Whether we were watching professional basketball players over the past few days or whether we happen chanced across a seasoned player in the love game, television viewers indeed had a chance to experience a wide range of emotions.

Know All About The 5 Best Movies For 2011 In Hollywood

Come 2011, it is the time to look at the success of Hollywood and its 5 best movies for this year. Hollywood has been successful as any other year. Here are the 5 best movies of 2011 that I have heard a lot about and plan to view soon.

How to Sell DVDs for the Highest Cash Prices From Your Old Movie Collection

There are many ways that you can sell DVDs and CDs that are old and of no use to make some extra cash. Not only can selling old discs be useful to make some money but it will also help clean out the collection of unwanted movies from your table rack.

Cave Of Forgotten Dreams

There is no better filmmaker in existence to have made this film, a document of one of the greatest treasures in human history made by a director who is one of the greatest living legends in cinema history. Werner Herzog, who deftly alternates between fiction and documentary films like no other filmmaker alive (Spike Lee has done fairly well in this regard, too), presents a truly jaw-dropping 3D journey through the Cave of Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc, a cave in southern France that houses some of the oldest known artworks of the human race. Through his necessarily limited exploration of the cave (the crew was allowed to film only four hours a day for one week, and only under the strictest of guidelines) and extensive interviews with various fascinating and eccentric experts, Herzog delves into the mysteries of the beginnings of human consciousness and, by looking deep into the past, ultimately considers the possibilities of the future.

I May Have Been Wrong About Green Lantern

had Green lantern more or less written off as soon as I saw the film’s first trailer back in November. It looked average, generic and more like Ryan Reynolds as Van Wilder in space than the intergalactic spectacle the character deserved. It seemed the trailers poor response from audiences lead to Warner Bros upping their game, and now Green lantern looks like it can definitely hold it’s own with the rest of this year’s comic book movies.