Major Roles in Blue Bloods

CBS is taking the New York television viewers to the law enforcement world by releasing the new series of the famous crime TV show Blue Bloods. This drama, which is based on a multi-generational family of the cops, is fighting for stopping the crime in the city is giving thrilling experience to the audience. One thing is common in the whole family, they will stop at nothing for serving the justice. The total show boasting an impressive cast, which includes Tom Selleck, the best known police officer for his strict and starring role will add more spice and thrill to the show. He is a Hawaii-based official investigator. Thomas Magnum, who starred in the Magnum, P.I, which was a television series in the broadcasted in 1080s, and Donnie Wahlberg, who was well known for his character in Righteous Kill, is also playing the lead roles in the series. Donnie Wahlberg also appeared in Band of Brothers, which was an award winning miniseries.

Blue Bloods – The Next Big Fall Show for the Viewers

It is fall! Most of us love to spend some time in front of our television. Although, there are many series releasing on this fall, Blue Bloods is considered as one of the top ranking series, which may grab the attention of a large number of viewers. The series is also listed under the five best television series that will be released in 2010. The series will also combine a stellar pedigree, according to the creators Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess. They told this when they wrote for ‘The Sopranos’. The cast of the series is also awesome, which include Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, Len Cariou, Bridget Moynahan as well as Will Estes. There are also many other characters that you will come across on the series.

Audiences Soon To Get Excited With the New Series of Super Drama – The Cape

The theme of super-hero drama is again coming back in the screen to excite the audiences with its thrilling plot. The name of the new drama to be aired soon in the television has been given the name “The Cape”. Though cape is the name of a famous and popular book yet the story of the new super drama is not based on this comic book. Only the title is adopted and few points of references have been adopted. Summer Glau will play the role of the investigative blogger. It is seen that she has joined the drama in the leading role.

Be Ready To Swiped Off With the Cape

An exciting new super drama series The Cape is coming to your television. It is expected that this super drama one hour series will be on air in NBC in this 2010-2011 season on your television. It is an excellent creation by author Tom Wheeler casting with David Lyons, Jennifer Ferrin, Ryan Wynott, James Frain, Keith David in addition to many other co stars.The Cape is a fictional story where an innocent cop of a metropolis city is framed for a crime and is left to die. But he is saved by a circus ringleader. The ringleader acted by Keith David prepares the cop (David Lyons) to fight against his all odds.

Elements of Drama in the Cape

The Cape has already created ripples in the world of entertainment and everyone is looking forward to the upcoming American one-hour super hero drama series. Though it will be aired as a mid-season replacement but it has already managed to generate great response amongst the people. Perfect for the prime time airing the show is sure to sweep you off your feet! A great storyline, brilliant cast along with all the elements of perfect drama- it has already managed to grip the attention of many. What makes the super-hero drama so awaited is the human touch it has for its characters.

Know More About Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods is one of the famous TV shows, which are dedicated for the New Your City. The Theme of this drama is based on a family of the cops, which is serving the department from their early generations. They are also specially committed to the law enforcement of the city. There are many characters such as Tom Selleck (Frank Reagan), who is playing the role of Chief of Police as well as patriarch of Reagan brood that he heads diplomatically as he lead the force. He is also dealing with various political activities. Donnie Wahlberg (Danny), who is the eldest son of Frank, is the only concern and source for him. Danny is a seasoned detective. He is also an Iraqi War vet and a family man. Occasionally, he uses his tactics and knowledge to solve the cases.

Know More About Blue Bloods Online

Are you in search for information on Blue Bloods television series? If so, this is the right article for you. As more and more viewers are showing interest on this television series and looking for its information, there are number of websites appeared on the internet, which will give you more information on the series and other details. Apart from just helping you with the information on Blue Bloods, there are also many sites on the internet, which will help you to download the episodes of the series. The official website of CBS is also providing an option for the viewers to watch the episodes online. If you want to know more about the series, you just have to do a simple research on the search engine.

It Is All About the Super Drama the Cape

The “Empire” creator and producer Thomas Wheeler with the executive producer/director Simon West (“con air”) are producing a super drama series the cape. This super drama will be in air very soon in NBC television network. The drama series is full of suspense and thrills. It is starring David Lyons as a main role who is famous for his acting talent in “ER” with Jennifer Ferrin (actress of “life in mars”) with other star cast in the list. The main character of the drama is Vince Faraday who is an honest cop in a metropolis city Palm City. Jennifer Ferrin is acting as Vince’s wife named Dana Faraday and Ryan Wynott (Flash forward) is casting as Vince’s son Trip Faraday.

NBC Pickups for 2010-2011 Are The Cape and Three More Series

NBC picked up four additional new series that include dramas The Cape, Harry’s Law, Outlaw, and a comedy named Friends with Benefits for the TV season of 2010-2011. These four shows will be joining the shows that were announced earlier -Undercovers, Chase, Love Bites, The Event, Perfect Couples, and Outsourced. Among all of these newbies from NBC, The Cape is the one raising the eyebrows and getting itself into the limelight with its ever mounting popularity and controversies. It is a drama series with one hour episodes and starts the Australia born actor David Lyons as the main protagonist. The series however do have some added attractions like Summer Glau and Keith David as additional bonus.

NBC to Be Retuning Soon With the Cape

In the last few years, the Hollywood superhero films by NBC have received great success. With again a surprise, NBC is returning back to work on its comic genre named bandwagon. This time the audiences would see the newest drama by NBC- the Cape. So if you are a big fan of the super drama, get ready to experience something new soon. This show is expected to be quite different from what the audiences have witnessed till date.

NBC’s the Cape Has Summer Glau in the Cast

All the fans can rejoice because Summer Glau has been chosen to act as Orwell in The Cape from NBC. She is going to act Orwell and has already done some successful sci-fi favorites like the Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, and the Firefly. In this series she is a blogger who inspects dirty cops and criminals with an air of mysticism around her. The series is chiefly centered around the caped crusader who is hell bent on getting his family out of a mess created by the crime syndicate of the city and is trying to make his way to his family.

Script Review of The Cape

Before we go any further with a review let us get a brief summary of this new series from NBC -The Cape. In imaginary Palm City a former cop who was framed for serial murders named Vince Faraday was believed dead. He copied the persona of the favorite superhero of his son from the comics known as The Cape, to get his name cleared and save his family from the cons. He joins forces with a carnival group to fight against corruption in the department, polit9icians, and the ARK Corporation. The costumed heroes assisting him and villains are Scales & Chess, are devoid of any actual superpower. The story as well includes a daring investigative blogger known as Orwell joins team with them and tends getting violent.