Avatar Lives Up to Expectations

The movie Avatar has been in theaters for more than a month now and I decided it was time to go and see it. I’m not one who likes to see a movie on the weekend that it opens due to the crowds, but, in this case, this movie remains extremely popular with tons of folks still going to watch it. Tonight was no exception, as the theater that I went to was totally full for the 10:30 showing on this Tuesday evening.

A Look at the Best American Idol Second Place Finishers

Instant riches and stardom await the winner of the talent show American Idol. The recording contract is a prize that makes dreams come true.

The Top Movies Using 3D Technology

For decades we have seen experiments in 3D technology which to be honest have never lived up to the hype. Now, they finally seem to have cracked it.

3D TV – Fad Or the Next Big Step?

What’s the state of play regarding 3DTV? Is it reasonable to expect to watch Avatar in your home in 3D, or will the technology disappoint? Find out in this article.

Everybody’s Fine – Starring Robert De Niro and Kate Beckinsale

Movie review of the 2009 drama Everybody’s fine. The movie features Robert De Niro, Kate Beckinsale, Drew Barrymore and Sam Rockwell. This is the story of a father on a cross-country trip to visit his 4 children; who just might be keeping a lot of secrets from him.

What Julia Did to Cooking, What Julie Did to Blogging

I was watching “Julia and Julie.” Then I searched for her Julie/Julia blog, and there it was…still online and straight from Julie Powell. I dug more and whoa, the blog was really real as shown in the movie. So I became more interested and dug for the blogger herself.

Up! Where They Belong – Disney, Pixar, and the New Golden Age of Animation

The nomination of the Disney/Pixar film “UP” in the Best Picture category of the 2010 Academy Awards returns Disney to its rightful position as undisputed king of animated film, a throne it has occupied for most of the past 100 years. Putting aside arguments as to what constitutes an animated film (some claim this appellation for Up’s co-nominee Avatar), this marks only the second time an animated feature has been nominated for the award (the first was another Disney film – Beauty and the Beast, of 1991, which somewhat ironically lost out to The Silence of the Lambs.

5 Reasons We Project Our Love of Edward Onto Robert

We love Edward. He’s everything we expect our men to be. Too bad they haven’t gotten the hint yet! Yet, we have an actor who portrays our favorite boy in the movies. In our minds has Edward become Rpattz and Rpattz become Edward?

I Thought Sherlock Holmes Was a Girl

Growing up thinking that Sherlock Holmes was a girl, I thought the movie would disappoint me. I already imagine “her” to be sophisticated, drop-dead-gorgeous, witty, and a smart detective. I should have seen my face in the mirror when I learned Robert Downey Jr. plays Sherlock Holmes. Blame it on Nancy Drew or the name Sherlock, private investigation stories work best for women (I’m not a feminist).

What Makes the Biggest Loser One of the Most Successful Shows on TV?

People who have appeared on the Biggest Loser show have gone through miraculous transformations. They have lost hundreds of pounds in a short time period. What is it that makes them able to do this? How are they able to accomplish things that don’t seem possible? And how can a person create those same results at home?

Watch Sex and the City on Satellite TV

One of the best channels on television is HBO. Most satellite TV packages include this wonderful channel, and a lot of them carry several versions of HBO such as HBO HD and HBO Comedy.

Creating a Video Projection Film

Chances are if you’ve gone out to a club in the past year or so, you’ve seen the large projection videos playing on the walls. Learn how to make your very own by reading this article.