Movies – Lessons of WALL-E For All Screenwriters

Yesterday I watched WALL-E — as slick and astonishing an animation as they come! How will PIXAR top this one off, from a technical point of view, I don’t know. (Are we still going to need any movie actors 100 years from today?) But when I looked at it as a screenwriter, boy, there’s really nothing new under the sun. It’s all repackaging, re-purposing of old ideas and rearranging the furniture — which is not to say that any such combination of old ideas will automatically be interesting. But if you’re a writer suffocating with “writer’s block” you might want to do what the creators of WALL-E did.

Movies – What the “Save the Cat” Screenwriting Method is All About?

The book SAVE THE CAT and it’s sequel (STC Goes to Movies) made quite a wave within the last few years and for a good reason — both are great books for all screenwriters, written by the industry veteran Blake Snyder. When a professional Hollywood screenwriter makes millions of dollars by selling dozens of screenplays, we’d better listen.

Once Upon a Time in Mexico

A review of the great 2003 made film, “Once upon a Time in Mexico” starring Johnny Depp & Antonio Banderas. Touches on performances, appearances and audiences related to this film.

A Baby Boomer’s Lament

Television has become powdered milk or I should say milk that has just gone bad. Programs with a modicum of entertainment value have been replaced by a parade of idiots who seem content to prostitute themselves for their fifteen minutes of fame. Pathetic housewives flaunt themselves crudely to show us how the other half lives, As if they could or should be envied.

Family Guy Stewie – The Crazy Baby Everyone Loves

Stewart Gilligan Griffin (a.k.a. Stewie) is a fictional one year old character in the animated series called Family Guy. He is very sophisticated and has an advanced vocabulary.

“Little Women” and “Meet Me in St Louis” – A Discussion of Their Similarities

The 1949 movie “Little Women” (set in 1861) and the 1944 musical “Meet Me in St. Louis” (set in 1903) are two popular movies that share a surprising number of similarities. This article discusses some of the many features that these movies have in common.

A Review of Twilight – 2008

Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight doesn’t disappoint the book’s true fans. For those whose passion is Edward and Bella, this film tells their story with intensity, humor, and love.

Sealab 2021 – Season Three DVD Review

Created by Adam Reed and Matt Thompson, the duo behind Frisky Dingo and Space Ghost, comes a third serving of Sealab 2021. Sealab 2021 is also a big part of the adult-oriented Adult Swim family. A spoof of Sealab 2020, the the Hanna-Barbera toon of the early ’70s, this irreverent series revolves around a team of sea-dwelling colonisers.

The Sexiest Bollywood Actress of 2008

Who is the sexiest Bollywood actress of 2008? No surprises, the cute faced Katrina Kaif trumps in the online poll. Yep, the voluptuous Katrina Kaif who is known for her fair complexion, flawless skin, great butt and graceful hair is undoubtedly the sexiest Bollywood actress of 2008.

Show Me the Heart Break

In romances and rom-coms, the low point is heartbreak. It looks like there is no way these two lovers will work it out and be together. This is one of the most crucial scenes in a rom-com. It’s also the toughest to write, because if we know two characters should be together, the last thing we want to do is tear them apart. As if that wasn’t enough, you have to show this heart break in a visually interesting way. How do you visually show heart break without resorting to overused cliches?

Hungry For Love

Have you ever wondered why food almost always goes hand in hand with the coming together of friends, family, and lovers? I’ll give you a hint.

Last DVD Standing

As the financial tsunami sweeps the world, nations can only take that many manifests before they clutch at their nearest life buoy, Tropic Thunder, a movie-making debacle at its best. Who better to “save” the world now then this gelastic threesome – Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr? Literally, I reckon, no one.