The Many Faces of Johnny Depp

Without a doubt, Johnny Depp has had a very unique and storied career. Part of the reason for this is he has made a career out of playing odd and offbeat characters. While many actors opt to play it safe, Johnny Depp took many chances with his selection of acting roles

King of the Quickies – Roger Corman

Today sees the UK release of Death Race, a high octane thriller starring Jason Statham with an approximate budget of $18 million. This may seem a little paltry compared to some blockbusters of late, but it’s a veritable fortune when you consider that the 1975 film on which it’s based, Death Race 2000, was made for a mere $300,000. Anyone who has seen any of the publicity for the remake may well be aware of the man that links both versions – producer Roger Corman.

A Must For the Serious Screenwriter

Final Draft is a word processor that is designed for writing movies, television dramas and stage plays. It is both a word processor and a screenplay formatting tool. This combination allows for the writer to concentrate on what is being written rather than having to worry about how it appears on the page. In other words, it actually helps writers to flow with their creativity without having to stop and focus on organizing their thoughts in the proper format.

Guns, Goons and Gold – The Most Popular Gangster Movies of All Time

In spite of the over-masculinity, gratuitous violence, and sexuality (or maybe precisely because of it), the best gangster movies ever made stick to our subconscious like bloodstains on a carpet. They not only give us insights into a world of money, loyalty, familial hierarchies and greed that is so far removed from out daily lives, but it also gives us on a more basic level: tons of excitement, dramatic plots and characters that are very easy to relate to, except they are thrust into situations much larger than we are used to.

Scream Some More! Our Most Beloved (And Hated) Cartoon Villains!

We loved watching cartoons when we were kids. Some love watching it even now that they have families of their own. We all loved the feeling when the heroes of our favorite shows always emerged victorious in the end. Saving cities, flying and performing the coolest stunts were always our greatest dreams when we were kids. But what really made those shows worth watching were definitely the villains. Without them there would not be a point to having a superhero anyway. Their wiles, power, dastardly tricks and signature moves always gave us the best reasons to catch that next episode.

Crash, Boom, Bang! The Most Distinctive Sounds in Movie History

Almost everyone you meet around the world, whether they be intellectuals, couch potatoes, fashion models or family men, have a certain fascination for movies. We laugh and cry because of them, they inspire us to do great feats of our own, and they quite simply take us to other worlds, more intense and fascinating than our own realities may be. And a big part of that leap in movie quality is because of advances in audio technology.

When it Goes Too Far on Film – Hollywood’s Worst Book Adaptation Blunders

It is usually a good thing when popular and great books are adapted for release as movies. That usually means that more recognition for the book will follow and that many more people would appreciate the great works of literature from which these movies are based on. And those book lover are guaranteed to be one of the first to get front row seats to those movies, in anticipation of how the movie would turn out. Some movies do well against the barrage of literary critics and book lovers.

Laugh Until You Cry – The Best Romantic Comedies Ever For Your Date

It’s a fact of Hollywood and life that romantic comedies are here to stay. Whether it be because of the unusually good feeling most people get after watching it or just because it is exactly the perfect movie to go out with your date to, romantic comedies have been making people laugh, cry and romantically swoon for ages now. Although only a few boys would openly admit to liking these kinds of movies, a majority of girls swear by them to get over even the worst kinds of days.

How to Really Evaluate a Movie

When you really want to evaluate a movie in detail, nothing beats doing it from the comfort of your own home. One reason why dvd movies are so popular is because you can pause, stop, rewind, and even gain insight about the movies by viewing the bonus material on the disks. When rating a film, it’s nice to have control in a familiar environment.

Kill Bill – Movie of an Era

Tarantino is one of the great contemporary directors, I’m quite sure no one would deny that. He’s brought to cinema his own unique style of movie-making, one that many others have tried to emulate.

Does Your Mother Know From Mamma Mia, The Film

‘Does your Mother Know’ as performed in Mamma Mia, the film… it’s about a seduction it’s about Tanya’s rejection of Pepper’s attempted seduction of her but ‘seduction’ is not the right word really but it might be a suitable enough word to use at this stage. So this is what Mamma Mia’s ‘Does your Mother Know’, Tanya’s song, is about.

The Flash (1989)

The series was focus with the exploits of Barry Allen a police scientist who met an accident and was struck by lighting and chemicals. After the accident he learned that he gain such ability and he became the fastest man alive.