Postal – An Acquired Taste (Or Lack Thereof)

If you’ve never heard of German director Uwe Boll, that most likely means you’ve just avoided some really bad movies. The only other one of his films I’ve seen so far was 2005′s Alone in the Dark, a truly terrible film at least as bad as any I’ve previously deemed the worst of the decade, but by all accounts I’ve heard, his other previous films – including House of the Dead (2003), Bloodrayne (2005) and In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale (2007) – are also among the worst ever made. He is famous for his execrable video game adaptations (see all of the above) and for financing them through a loophole in German tax law that rewards filmmakers; the law has since been changed, presumably to make it more difficult for Boll to make movies. So it was with the gleeful fascination of a movie so bad it’s funny (i.e. Troll 2 or The Room) that I approached his post-911 comedyPostal. Three days and four viewings of the film later, my mind was blown.

Scream 4 Movie Review

Scream 4 is a 2011 horror movie distributed by Dimension Films. It stars David Arquette as Sheriff Dwight “Dewey” Riley, Courtney Cox Arquette as Gail Weathers Riley, Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott, Emma Roberts as Jill Roberts, and Hayden Panettiere as Kirby Reed. It’s written by Kevin Williamson and directed by Wes Craven.

Birdemic: Shock And Terror

After years – hell, nearly two decades – of searching, I think I just may have found the absolute worst movie ever made. Though Michael Bay’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009), my previous choice, is indeed the most mind-numbing and impossible to enjoy film I can remember seeing, at the very least it has some stellar craftsmanship in the technical departments. James Nguyen’s Birdemic: Shock and Terror was clearly made without the benefit of anyone who knew absolutely anything about filmmaking within a hundred yards of the set. Witness production values and acting that make Tommy Wiseau’s notorious 2003 classic The Room look like a legitimate masterpiece. Witness sound editing and mixing apparently done by a pair of deaf children. Witness the worst special effects ever seen in a feature film. Witness the musical number “Just Hangin’ Out,” sung onscreen in its hilarious entirety by Damien Carter. Witness the flaming wreckage of a film that is Birdemic: Shock and Terror.

Source Code

This film has Terry Gilliam’s fingerprints all over it, especially those of the Gilliam who made Twelve Monkeys (1995). But, here, the closest we get to Brad Pitt’s rambling genius is Michelle Monaghan in an adorable outfit. Better, though, is the lead performance from Jake Gyllenhaal, who has grown to have an incredibly commanding screen presence. From back in the days of Donnie Darko (2001) up until now, he’s steadily been growing on me as an actor. Then, when Brokeback Mountain (2005) came around, it all just clicked and I became one of those “insta-fans,” never looking back. Donnie Darko still sucks, but at least the guy is watchable now.

Stacy Dillsen From Zoey 101 And Her Lisping Followers

Stacy Dillsen from Zoey 101 (played by Abby Wilde), is a young girl who constantly has bad luck. She has an obsession with cotton swabs and she enjoys making things with them. She speaks with a lisp that kids all over the world try to copy, and she is known for her “sassafras tea” song.

Ben Turpin: Here’s Looking at You!

Be careful, you’re eyes just might stick that way, permanently! Did you ever have your mother tell you that when you crossed your eyes and made faces at your older brother or sister? Most of us did in my day. Mothers were always warning us of the consequences of whatever juvenile clowning we may try to enjoy.

New DVD Releases

Getting new DVD releases allow you to have great entertainment at your home. There are new movies, dramas that are being releases on DVD all the time. It allows more and more people to enjoy the kind of films and movies that they like the best at the comfort of their own home.

Reviewed: Insidious [2011]

Now if there is one thing that freaks me out most in movies it is horrors that involve children in any way. So when I sat down to watch a movie from the guys and gals that have given us Paranormal Activity revolving around the story of a possessed child, well lets just say I had my diaper at the ready!

Days Out for Sherlock Holmes Fans

Sherlock Holmes is arguably the world’s most famous and recognised fictional detective. He is a timeless character who is loved by young and old throughout the world. His pipe smoking image is recognisable all around the world.

Don’t Shrug Off This Movie!

As a book, Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” stands as one of the greatest works of literature in history. As a movie, “Part I” is pretty good… the performances are at least OK, and the faithfulness to the story is outstanding. But as an event, the release of this movie is nothing short of amazing….

Disney’s Tangled

Tangled achieves something exemplary for Disney on two levels. It’s both a return to form and, hopefully, the birth of a new magical touch. They’ve lacked it for quite some time now. At the very least, it can be seen as an apology for the abysmal Princess and the Frog.

Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga’Hoole – Fails To Take Flight

Some movies we watch purely for the spectacle. There’s nothing wrong with that, but in my book, a film has to earn its right through good story and characterization to impress me with its special effects. Or if it can’t do that, it at least has to be so fun that I’m enjoying myself too much to care. Unfortunately, there are far too many films that do neither, and Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole is one of them.