Couch Potato Club – Inception Review

Inception is further proof that Christopher Nolan is a narrative genius. Is it a heist movie? A tale of redemption? A state-of-the-art action movie? A spell-binding sci-fi film? A psychological thriller? Or maybe a stylish film noir? Well, in essence, it’s all of the above and then some.

How The Internet Has Simplified The Search For TV Listings

Nearly everyone has a TV. Even people who profess to “not watch much TV” still usually have TVs. And while some people even chose to forgo owning a TV, many of them still choose to watch their favorite shows online at one of the many websites that allow you to watch TV shows.

Nayanthara – The Actress With an Ability

With over 7 years of experience in the film industry, Nayanthra is now one of the most popular actresses in the Indian film industry. She has man fans all around the world, and as an actress, she always gives loyalty to her roles. She is well established in the Indian film industry, her physique and her looks are beautiful that keeps her going in the Indian Film Industry.

Good Action Movies

Suggestions for good action movies to watch over the years. I define my idea of a great action film, analyze a few of my favorites, and give a list of other action cinema to view.

The Top Five Inspirational Dance Movies

There is just something special about dance movies that get the heart and soul going. Then add an uplifting message with the dancing and the movie becomes even more powerful. Here are five of my favorites that never fail to inspire me. They always leave me feeling good, thinking that I can do anything, and up on my feet dancing.

Watching Thriller Movies

If there are any movies to enhance one’s intellect, it would be thriller. To inject the essence of positivism into your stress-stricken body, enjoy some thriller movies to learn how to deal with obstacles in life. Thriller movies are capable of boosting up the human’s brain area to upgrade the state of mind.

Best 3D Movies

With the continuous advancement in movies, there are developments such as the VR and 3D technology being applied in the production of movies. Avatar is one the best example where 3D has been the prioritized technology used. In 2010 itself, there are more than a few 3D movies sufficiently great to capture your eyes.

How to Make a Documentary – 10 Simple Steps to Transform Your Documentary Idea Into a Finished Film

If you want to learn how to make a documentary, you don’t need a filmmaking degree. Got a camcorder and a computer? You’re ready to go! Making documentaries involves the same basic process whether you’re a filmmaking amateur or a documentary pro. From videography to scriptwriting to video editing, follow these ten simple steps to guide you from documentary idea to finished film.

Movies To Watch Online

If you are feeling bored to the deepest extent, watching movies online is very likely a good platform for you to kill time. Almost all movies, from the classical genre to the latest release are available over the internet. But do check if the services offered are legitimate to avoid unwanted problems.

Tips For Picking Good Movies

Everyone in this modern generation has come in encounter with watching movies but not all movies are suitable for all. Therefore in order to pick a good movie to kill your time, you have to understand your personal taste, your current mood and some important guide to follow.

List of Top Horror Movies

If you have watched any horror movies, you should be able to picture how would one horror story goes. Some of the horror movies are indeed frightening but some include the element of humor as to create laughter among audiences. The fright could be very powerful but the storyline often allow audiences to catch their breath.

Unforgettable Drama Movies

The dramatic elements in movies and films include issues like poverty, drug addiction, alcoholism, racial prejudice, corruption, crime and many more. Drama movies are different from typical action films that portray fast-paced actions. Although movies of all genre contain dramatic essence, drama films are those emphasized on the primary issue.