Killer Avatar Movie Toys to Know About

The Avatar movie toys is going to be very popular with children and collectors alike. Most if not all toys came with i-Tags which allows the owners to explore the virtual world of Pandora with their virtual toy. But don’t forget to pick up a Avatar figurine to ride on the creatures or combat vehicle…

Gold on the Big Screen

Gold has been associated with power, strength, wealth, and reward since ancient times. Gold symbolises utmost evil as well as great sanctity, because of its different uses. Use of gold as the highest form of currency has made it the ultimate desired wealth for every human. Many philosophers, artists, poets, and writers have used gold in different contexts to convey different messages.

Lost Smoke Monster

The Smoke Monster character on Lost is expected to play an increasingly larger role in the final season of Lost. While little is known about the creatures history and purpose the writers assure fans around the world that inquiring minds will receive satisfactory explanations in due time.

A Christmas Story – The Andy Griffith Show

In “The Andy Griffith Show”–which first aired between 1960 and 1968–Andy Griffith is a widowed sheriff living in the fictional town of Mayberry in North Carolina. It was a very popular show which depicted life in small town America in the 1960s. The only Christmas episode that was ever created for the sitcom was titled “A Christmas Story”, and it’s a modern-day Scrooge story. The plot of the “A Christmas Story” is explained in this article.

The Ugly Truth Review

Romantic comedies are really hard to judge these days. They come in thick and fast and are only really liked by fans of the genre. Surely the Ugly Truth is no different?

Would the Beatles Have Won the X-Factor in 1962?

When Simon Cowell told Paul McCartney that he was through to the next round, at the recent UK X-factor final, we all laughed and thought it was a good joke. But like all the best humour it concealed a chilling truth; popular music has become a piece of Cowell confectionery to be bought pre-packaged off the shelf, and no longer the engine of real talent it used to be. The Cowell quip was a symbolic receiving of the baton from one of pop’s all time greats. The question occurred to me that if the X-Factor had been around in 1962, would the Simon Cowell of the day have spotted the potential of the revolutionary single “Love Me Do”?

White Cyc in Film Making

Most uses of Hollywood white cyc are used in conjunction with green screen in creating special effects on stage or film making. Cyc is an abbreviation for cyclorama. A cyc is any type of wall background incorporating one or more curve surfaces to create a background.

Success of Green Screen Special Effects

Green screen LA technology is the favorite special effects tool of most movie producers. Green screen LA is used to mix two different images or pictures together in one image in the foreground and one image in the background. The solid color background is made transparent, and replaced with a real background. Green screen LA is well liked by film producers, and photographers. Green screen LA was first used for movie special effects in the 1930’s…

White Cyc – A Timeless Process

White Cyclorama is a timeless process that’s remained the same since its first use in German nineteen century theaters and it’s still being use today in the twenty first century. White Cyc Los Angeles is still being used for filming special effects. Any Los Angeles studios can have their own White Cyclorama Studios, but it’s more cost effective to rent a White Cyclorama studio in Los Angeles.

White Cyc – Seamless Background

White cyc LA is a special seamless background with no visual corners, and sharp angles that cause shadows. White cyc LA can be use in conjunction with green screen to enhance the films special effects. Advantages of white cyc LA are: to create a visual illusion of unlimited space, and provide a background for all types of lighting possibilities to achieve the desire background effect for the photographer.

White Cyc – Backdrop Illusion

Cyc is short for cyclorama which is a curve backdrop that can be use to create the illusion of sky on stage. Most cycs are white because white isn’t visual in the background allowing for other background images to be inserted as background scenes.

Movie Magic of White Cyclorama Studios

White Cyc Studios in Hollywood specialize in creating special effects using White Cyc Studios technology. White Cyclorama is a curve wall used for stage background to create an illusion of unlimited space. These Hollywood studios have stages set up with White Cyclorama and the necessary equipment like lighting, special cameras for filming the special effects, and post production editing equipment.