Watch Satellite TV On Your PC

We live in a digital age. We want what we want when we want it. This holds true for our entertainment viewing needs as well. Technology has advanced such that we can now watch tv and movies from our computer.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Girlfriend Gemma Atkinson Accused Of Lying About Dating The Man UTD Footballer

Manchester United midfielder Cristiano Ronaldo has been in the news again recently, this time because of his current girlfriend, former Hollyoaks star Gemma Atkinson. The model has been accused of lying about her relationship with Cristiano, and according to his mother they have never been dating each other.

Mel Gibson’s “Apocalypto” Brings the Past Violent Mayan Life Into Our Consciousness

Mel Gibson’s “Apocalypto” shows the raw, violent face of the advanced Mayan civilization in its decline, with its rulers insisting that the key to continued prosperity is to build more temples and offer more human sacrifices to their Gods. The result is the story of innocent Mayans being viciously attacked and their communal way of life being destroyed to meet an insane desire. In the end, the survivors must choose to greet the oncoming Spanish as their ships roll into the harbor, or retreat to the jungle and continue to live a hidden life.

Voice Actors and Animation

If you are producing an animated project, then you are going to need at least one voice actor, and you will have to know what to ask them about their skill sets. That means you need to go shopping for your voice actor – or actors in the plural, as the case may be – armed with a character list complete with a brief, one-sentence description of each character’s voice requirements.

Shojo and Anime For Girls

Anime, Japan’s stylish animated storytelling is a big hit in many countries these days, and you can’t turn around without hearing of a new anime series surfacing on the Cartoon Network’s…

FAQ – Which Tintin Album Will Be the First Tintin Movie

The are 23 Tintin albums to choose from written by Tintin creator Herge. The amount of material for the Tintin movie that Peter Jackson and Spielberg have to work with is huge. The debate over which will be the first Tintin album turned into a Tintin movie rages on.

The Ultimate Bourne Is Back In Action

Jason Bourne is Back again in The Bourne Ultimatum.

Top 20 Hottest Seinfeld Girlfriends

These are the top 20 hottest celebrity girlfriends (character name – actress – episode)

Stars’ Starts – When and Where Actors and Actresses Debuted

Cruise, Hatcher, McConaughey, Pitt, Jolie… Movie and TV stars have to get their start somewhere. This is a list of the first time these actors and actresses appeared on the either the big or small screen.

Michael Moore’s Sicko Review – A Documentary of the “Sickening” Health Care System in America!

There couldn’t be a better word to describe Michael Moore’s latest film “Sicko”. Traveling through the health care world in the United States brings on a new era of realization of how “Sickening” the health insurance industry of America really is. Almost 50 Million Americans live without health insurance in America.

The Top Ten Television Characters of All Time

Television is constantly filled with memorable characters. Some of these characters are highly likable, such as Charles Ingalls, and some are characters you love to hate, such as Mr. Burns (excellent). Some leave you questioning the government, like Jack Bauer, and others leave you wondering who shot them, like JR Ewing. Then, there are some character who are completely unparalleled. No matter how many times we change the channel, they won’t ever be forgotten.

Harry’s Fifth Return In The Order Of the Phoenix

The synopsis and some movie facts of the newest sequel of Harry Potter’s movie