DVD Releases of Movies Are Eagerly Anticipated

One of the best forms of entertainment is movies. Everybody loves to watch movies. In fact, some people watch on the big screen and watch it again by getting DVD releases of that movie.

Review of the Film Zulu

The 1964 film “Zulu” tells the story of the defence of Rorke’s Drift by a small garrison of British soldiers who were attacked by over 4,000 Zulus. The soldiers held out as the battles raged into the night of 22/23 January 1879. By morning, the Zulus had broken off the attack.

Painting With Pixels – The Future of Digital Video Production

How do you make video look like film? Every element of production from concept to finished product has to be approached with innovation and creativity. This means that whether it is a low budget corporate to a high budget film or TV production the quality cannot be compromised. so how do you make video look like film?

TV Reality Snobs

Stop giving me dirty looks when I say that I am a documentary producer who enjoys Reality TV. There is a lot to be learned from these reality television shows.

Comedians and Documentaries

Comedians seem to be the supermodels of the millennium. They are hosting radio shows, presenting the news and even winning seats in congress. Recently, some comedians have even wandered into the realm of documentary production. Is that a good thing?

Super Mario World Show

The Super Mario World show has a cult following now – partly ironically (due to the poor quality of production and the comical nature of the show), but a cult following none-the-less. The Super Mario World show was created mainly for a younger audience (5-10 years old), so this is perhaps why some of the older fans find a lot of humour in the program. This show is not to be confused with the Adventures of Super Mario show, which is purely a cartoon.

Harvey Putter and the Ridiculous Premise – Harry Potter Parody Film Slated For ’10 Release

In addition to singing in The Quaffle Kids, Tim Richardson is an independent filmmaker, producer and writer. His last project was the Lord of the Rings parody Dork of the Rings. His newest project is Harvey Putter and the Ridiculous Premise, which was filmed in 2008 and will be released in January 2010. Set at Snogwarts wizard school, it chronicles the seventh year of Harvey Putter and his friends. The Ridiculous Premise is sure to be wildly popular with Harry Potter fans.

Flash Forward Forums – Why You Should Visit Them

If you’re a fan of the new television show Flash Forward and you haven’t yet visited a forum dedicated to the show then I highly recommend you in doing so, for the simple reason it is a lot of fun and if you don’t you may miss out on some of the shows important little details that someone else may have picked up. The hit show runs for about an hour every week. In this hour we get to see a lot of twists and turns, new characters and even the death of other characters which is very entertaining…

Flash Forward Forums Online – Why You Should Visit Them

Have you watched the new hit television series Flash Forward yet? I’m sure you have because it’s the show everyone around the world is talking about. If you’re like me and you’re a massive fan then I’m sure you can’t stop telling people about the show, or discussing it, well why not discuss it with the people who are just as interested in the show as you?

Flash Forward – What is it?

Have you heard some one you know talking about Flash Forward? The chances are you have because simply it’s the show everyone around the world is talking about. However if you haven’t heard of it, this article will explain what it is, and by the end of reading it you will be hooked.

Flash Forward – Crazy Theories

If you are a fan of the television series Flash Forward then by now you have probably read a lot of theories on what has happened, or why it’s happened and so on, here I will list some of my theories that could or may not be the answer to the shows mysteries. Crazy theory number 1 – Just like the book, the blackout and the flash forward were caused by the Large Hadron Collider at CERN when two atoms are smashed into each other at super high speeds, causing a shockwave to explode through the entire earth, causing…

Flash Forward Forum Theories

If you haven’t yet seen the new television series called Flash Forward then your missing out on a lot, however if you have seen the show then you will more than likely have your own theories. If you’re interested in reading some of the theories that I have come up with keep reading.