Secrets Revealed

Tilly Rivers recently invited me to her home for an interview to put to rest some of the rumors that have been circulating, both personal and in her career. However, I love to do my own digging as well and place some of the juicy facts about the sexy blonde that are well hidden.

Show Me The Money But Don’t Expect To See Any Oscars

‘Show me the money!’ – One of the most famous quotes in Hollywood, and from a film as recent as 1996. The bit about not expecting to see any Oscars was added by me, because you can rest assured that a mainstream feelgood film like ‘Jerry Maguire’ is not about to win any Oscars. Can’t you?

Movies: Is it Reel or Real?

Movies add chutzpah and glamour to our life. Without movies, our lives would be completely dull and drab. Movies simply combine moving images and sounds but they have become an essential ingredient of our lives. Movies showcase all the basic human emotions like pain, grief, happiness, joy and vengeance.

Youtube Before Youtube

Two years ago, YouTube did not exist. Thousands of videos of teenagers hurting themselves, or of miraculous golf shots or of dreaming beagles were simply the sole domain of their owners.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow, We Won A Bucket Load Of Oscars!

‘The Wizard of Oz’ is one of the all time Hollywood classics, and you would expect it to have been showered with Oscar Awards. We can all instantly visualize Judy Garland singing ‘Over The Rainbow’, the red sparkling shoes, the Cowardly Lion, and the Wicked Witch of The West. Unfortunately it came out in a vintage year for classic films, 1939, and lost out…

A Modern Science Fiction Classic

Books and movies are not the only way to get your science fiction and fantasy fix. Audiobooks are a great median for your sci-fi needs and they are a great way to catch up on your reading while on the go.

Escape To Victory – Corny But Feelgood?

I watched ‘Escape To Victory’ on video the other day. It’s been many years since I watched it last, but I remembered it fondly, and found myself smiling all the way through. Released in 1981, it’s a POW war film with a difference. Here’s a brief summary of the plot…

Three Hundred (300) – Prepare for Glory

The movie is based on the comic book by Frank Miller (also titled 300) which is in turn based on the Battle of Thermopylae from ancient Greek times. The movies is about how King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) and 300 Spartan men fought against the vast Persian army of Xerxes back in 480 BC.

The Elephant Man

This film is an epic story but one which is rather sad at times. It should make you cry – or at least hold back the tears. The Elephant Man is a classic figure in film history being a freak human with gross disfigurements. His deformities mean that he is part of a traveling freak show and this is how he makes his living.

Friends 1994 – 2003

Perhaps in every living room in America and beyond, Friends is well known for a timeless quality and air of freedom, cameraderie and acceptance. The only reason the episodes have become dated is simply because the have been going for so long. Typecasting is difficult to avoid.

Oliver Twist

The original story of Oliver Twist by Dickens is bit sombre and negative. A poor boy works in a workhouse where he is subjected to abuse. He is later surrounded by thieves in London and other boys from similar deprived backgrounds. It saddens the heart and allows one to think only of greed, poverty, corruption and perceived power.

Small Soldiers

A group of toy soldiers are fitted with computer chips and this allows them to learn all sorts of commands. They are called the commando elite. The leader is named Major Chip Hazard and after their computer chip changes, they try to muscle in on an Ohio suburb and take over from other toys [these are affectionately called the Gorgonites].