Best Movies All the Time

It is nearly impossible to make a conclusion on which are the best films of all time, a majority or print and visual media is in agreement on which films that have been produced over the century qualifies as the best movies of all time. It is important to note that the movies that are listed herein are not a creation of the author but films that have been listed in various surveys, i.e. widespread poll and critic poll. In as much as most survey often mentions English speaking or American films, mentioned herein are also movies that have originated from other countries.

Considering Watching a Movie? – Good Movie List

Being a movie fanatic, I’m always on the edge wanting to know what the next big thing to hit the screen is. Thanks to the World Wide Web, you now have the opportunity to watch the trailers of good movies that are yet to come. 2010 was a good year for Hollywood, the box office raked in money than it had anticipated. Remember Avatar?

“Never Say Never” Flick Review

Paramount Films came out with their Justin Bieber documentary flick branded, “Never Say Never” into theaters this weekend. I watched it, and thought it was pretty interesting because it presented a more in-depth, “behind the scenes,” look at the star’s rise to popularity, and how he preserves his continual success.

“Sanctum” Flick Review

The Sanctum flick featured lots of death and drama. It was a very interesting film to view.

The “I Am Number Four” Movie Lit Up The Theater

The “I Am Number Four” flick really rocked the theater with great action and cool characters. It really delivered way more than I thought it would.

3D TV Revolution

Over the last year at your local cinema, maybe you experienced 3D movies. Now all these action movies can be at home thanks to the new 3D television. The movies of old used a red green colour separation glasses to create a 3D image. The latest movies seem to all be in 3D and is a phenomenon spreading to your home TV set.

The Digital Revolution Is Here

We’ve spent a lot of time in the last decade debating the Plasma Television set, LCD TV, and HDTVs but those talks are becoming classics from the past. The second decade of the second millennium will probably be about the 3D TV and 3D projections. If you have been living beneath a stone for the past year, or not been following the out-of-this-world-buzz that 3d Televisions are producing, then let me catch you up on the full affair.

Online DVD Rentals – Why Use A DVD Rental Service?

Online DVD rentals have transformed the way that people rent DVDs and the move away from physical DVD rental stores has been swift and considerably painless. There is a growing population of internet users out there and it is very easy to use the online DVD rentals system to order DVDs. Once you have chosen which DVD rental site to use, with the Blockbuster online DVD rental being one of the options available, you can start to access the thousands of DVDs that are available to choose from.

Hollywood and Its Influence on Society Considered

It is amazing the amount of influence which Hollywood is able to exert on our society, culture, and civilization, and perhaps, it’s like that old saying; “life imitates art” is really true. The other day, I was discussing this with a young successful actor in Hollywood. And he is not only a talented author but also a deep thinker, as he attends college while pursuing his career.

See Movie Screenings!

While quickly reviewing a movie’s rating, have you ever thought [sometimes out-loud] that you could have successfully done a much better job of critiquing those just movies, than what what you have seen of late? Why not try your hand at it, by getting to see some of them. This in no way means that anyone connected to the movie making industry, will in either the future or anytime sooner than that hire you but it is hopefully presented for your, newly discovered brand of pure entertainment and personal enjoyment.

Pierce Brosnan Movies: The Films of A Distinguished Irishman

There is a growing list of Pierce Brosnan movies. The Irish actor is famous for playing the role of James Bond in four films from 1995 to 2002. Pierce Brosnan has appeared in nearly 50 movies including eight television films. His early roles include The Long Good Friday (1980) and the television flick Murphy’s Stroke (1980).

Quantum of Solace Action Scenes

The latest James Bond movie Quantum of Solace (2008) is filled with spectacular action sequences. Agent 007 travels to a variety of places including Italy, Haiti, Austria, and Bolivia. Some of the great action scenes in the movie include a thrilling car chase, a foot race across rooftops, and a riveting motorboat battle.