Iron Man Superhero – Movie and Halloween Costume

Well I’ve got to say that in my family Iron Man, aka Tony Stark, is now at the top of our list as far as Superheroes go and as we prepare to celebrate Halloween this year, my son agrees, especially after seeing the movie, that the Iron Man Muscle Child Halloween Costume is the way to go for 2009.

Get Ready For Eminems’ ‘Relapse 2’ – The Two Best Ways to Organize Music Files For More Space

Can’t wait to for ‘Relapse 2’ to debut? Get in line. Two albums from Eminem in one year. Sweet. Unless you can’t find your tracks now and don’t have room for a new album.

Bollywood – Classic Cinema

The Black and White Era of Hindi Cinema produced some of the finest talents especially in the field of acting, playback singing and direction. Talented film personalities like Kishore Kumar, Waheeda Rahman, Guru Dutt, Sanjeev Kumar and Naushad have all produced magical work which is admired even by today’s generation.

Anime and Adults

OK come on admit it you love to sit on Saturday morning in the living room and watch the cartoons that come on all day with your kids or younger family members. The cartoons were great when we were younger and some of them still are. However, the cartoon(s), have started to look much different from what most of us remember as children.

What to Watch on ABC For Fall 2009

What are you going to watch on ABC this fall? Here are a few of my top picks for returning shows and brand new favorites that I expect I’ll be watching all year long.

Buzz Lightyear and His Space Costume – To Infinity and Beyond!

One of the main characters of the CGI pixar movie is Buzz Lightyear. His cool, confident demeanour makes him a fan favorite. This article describes Buzz Lightyear and his costume

Know How Much Your Old Movie Posters Are Worth

If we think back over the years, we can all remember at least a few movie posters. They’ve been ingrained in our minds, representing the movies we all know and love. But have you ever wondered if your old movie posters might be worth something? They could be.

Star Wars LEGO Jango Fett

The only LEGO system to include a LEGO Jango Fett mini figure is the 7153 LEGO Slave I. This is a discontinued LEGO play set so it has become something of a rare set and very desirable.

Hollywood and Bollywood Undergoing a Continental Shift

America and Bollywood are quite taken with each other these days. It started out as a flirtation many years ago, with occasional teases that seemed promising but failed to lead anywhere. And then a little movie called ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ came along, and even though it was not a product of Bollywood, it pitched America into a full-blown affair with India and its cinema.

A Career in Film? Go For It!

Having a film career is not such an impossible dream these days. In fact, there are many schools that carry courses in film. In these schools you will learn the basics of film making.

Hollywood and Bollywood Offer Equal Doses of Realism and Escapism

The claim that Hollywood is realistic because it focuses on the marginalized and degenerate and that Bollywood is not because it focuses on different social realities doesn’t make any sense. And realistic or not, on a basic level, all entertainment is escapist-otherwise, what would be the point?

Who’s Who in Bollywood – Actresses

Despite the fact that Bollywood exceeds Hollywood in film output, Bollywood has a much smaller star system, which means Indian actors appear in far more films than their American counterparts-some doing as many as five movies a year. Luckily, that makes it easier for new fans to figure out who’s who. The following, while by no means comprehensive, is a rundown of the biggest and brightest female stars in the Bollywood universe.