Reality TV Shows 101 on Satellite TV

Just what is it exactly that attracts us to Reality TV? Is it the faux death defying stunts? Or perhaps it’s the constant backstage quibbling that almost always eventually breaks down into all out fisticuffs. The behind the scenes catfights and cutthroat competition are certainly lowbrow excitement, the stuff you do not want to admit you like, but really secretly adore.

The Top 5 Science Fiction Movies of the Past 20 Years on Satellite TV

Science fiction has to be one of the most exciting movie genres these days, with new releases each year completely changing the landscape. Sci-fi flicks usually share one thing in common: the pursuit of intense action set against a backdrop of a futuristic society, whether imagined or real. Be forewarned: if you don’t have a high definition TV, you simply won’t be watching the same movie.

The Most Popular Football Movies of All Time

These are the tearjerkers: the movies that appeal to both our love of sports, and that inherent desire to watch the underdog succeed. If you’re an avid football fan, each of the following films deserves your immediate attention (or at least, a reserved spot on your HD DVR!). All of the major movie channels on DirecTV offer these movies on a constant basis, so flip through the easy, interactive channel guide and you’ll probably be able to find at least one.

Top Five Animated Films of All Time on Satellite TV

The best animated films appeal to all groups. Children love these movies for the shiny animation, while adults can find more interesting and complicated themes and dialogue. For parents taking their kids to the movies, striking this balance is essential.

Top 5 Music Films of All Time on Satellite TV

Music documentaries (and feature films, for that matter) are almost a two-for-one deal: you get fantastic music along with stunning images of your favorite artists in action. Look to the following list for the five best movies in this genre.

The Films of Hayao Miyazaki

Hayao Miyazaki, co-founder of Studio Ghibli, is known best for his magnificently plotted and stunning anime films. The Japanese auteur has developed a huge following amongst anime and cinema aficionados throughout the world.

Top Five Documentaries of All Time

Though the delirious plot inventions of Hollywood’s elite writing squads generally provide the gravitational pull that draws moviegoers to the cinema (and $ to the box-office), every once in a while it dawns on producers and directors that reality also has its fair share of moving and compelling stories to tell. Thus, from time to time society is lavished with another entry into the documentary genre, and the story of one reduced group of people is exposed for all of humanity to soak up and consider.

The Best of Will Ferrell on Satellite TV

He may not be a Richard Pryor or a Jerry Seinfeld, but Will Ferrell occupies a niche all his own. His kind of comedy isn’t quite as sophisticated as the greats previously mentioned, but for a couple of hours of slapstick comedy that will have your face hurting the next day, look no further than Mr. Ferrell. Since graduating from the infamous “MORE COWBELL” skit on Saturday Night Live, Ferrell has been absolutely prolific, putting out movie after movie and keeping audiences enthralled. Here is a sampling of his best films, all available in high definition on DVD.

The Best of Wes Anderson on Satellite TV

Wesley Wales Anderson (or Wes Anderson as he is better known) is an American film director whose films have developed a cult following especially amongst the young, affluent urban class. His films famously portray atmospheric moods.

The Best of Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has had one of the most interesting careers in all of Hollywood. The diminutive (approximately 5’6) actor has spanned virtually every genre on the Big Screen, all while shaking things up off camera. This article will stick to his work, rather than delving into his rather interesting personal life. Here are some of the best Tom Cruise movies starting way back in the early 1980s.

Brad Pitt’s Greatest Hits

We all know that Brad Pitt is one of Hollywood’s most desired heart throbs and that his off screen life is full of tantalizing tidbits, making for perfect fodder for the tabloids. What with his sleek, sports star physique, his infamous love life and his brood of multinational, multiracial children Mr. Pitt is one hot property-his adoring public simply cannot get enough of the guy.

Top Five Comedians of the Moment

Everybody loves to have a laugh, and that is what makes comedians some of the most adored people on the planet. Correction: That is what makes GOOD comedians some of the most adored people on the planet.