Everything You Must Know About the Promotional Techniques of Hollywood

This article speaks about the kinds of techniques that Hollywood uses to promote their films. The article also explains how promotions become important in making a film successful.

Manga Downloads Guide – Avoid Getting Ripped Off

Manga download scams are all over the internet. There are certain scripts available online that allow people to setup a manga video site with a ton of content in less than a week. These webmasters take advantage of people’s want for an online manga video download site.

Hollywood Remakes

Every Hollywood generation seems to be possessed with the desire to outshine their predecessors. Or maybe it’s just the total lack of original ideas, or worse, producers’ obsession with cashing in on old favourites. Whatever the reason, the film industry churns out retooled classics (or yet undiscovered foreign gems) every year.

Fifi and the Flowertots Characters

Fifi and the Flowertots is an animated children’s television series created by Keith Chapman and originally premiered in January 2008. The series is about flower characters and their adventures in the garden.

Bend it Like Beckham

Here’s a great one in the database of good football movies. Bend It Like Beckham, which refers to David Beckham’s trademark kick that “bends” the ball past the goalie and into the goal, is a rather recent release: The release date was August 1, 2007 in the United States.

5 Reasons to See 27 Dresses

Between popcorn-snarfing, the movie’s themes-sibling rivalry, bridesmaid spite, wedding envy-were universal enough to get an emotional rise out of the viewer. And kudos to the costume director because this film’s minor villains.

Cutting the Cable (TV) With Rabbit Ears

I was afraid to disconnect from cable TV. What would I do without it? My favorite programs were on it: Law and Order, Boston Legal, and Turner Classic movies.

Wedding Movies to Watch Together

Ever notice how every movie with a wedding is automatically labeled a chick flick? Well we tracked down a few of the best wedding movies out there for the dudes.

“Ironman” and the Destroying of Weapons of Mass Destruction

What a cinematic era society has coming on. The new catch seems to be the superhero movie. At a time in which our country is feeling deflated due to our trembling economy, everyone is looking for a hero.

Is Singh is Kinng is Going to Be a Blockbuster?

The big budget ‘Singh is Kinng’ promises to be one of the most appealing and entertaining film of the year 2008. The film has everything in it like comedy, romance, action and drama. The success of the film can make Akshay Kumar the real king of Bollywood.

How to Produce For Cartoons If You Only Write and Not Animate Or Draw

Recently somebody asked me a question. The question was short but simple and straight to the point. ‘Please I need help in producing a cartoon. I can write but cant draw. How do I start’?

So You Think You Can Judge?

I’ve been an avid fan of “So You Think You Can Dance” from the very first show, BUT this year has far surpassed any of the other shows with respect to the talent of both the men and the women. In the beginning (probably the first two seasons), I got so totally aggravated with “America” because they were so completely incapable of judging the talent before them. It was simply a popularity contest based upon seemingly everything but skill and talent. Yeah, you guessed it! All my favorites were eliminated prior to the final weeks.