Prometheus Review

Just one day into its official UK release and Ridley Scott’s long awaited return to Sci-fi with a prequel to one of the defining films of not only his career but to the genre as a whole, is already provoking a variety of mixed reactions. Firstly let’s address the Xenomorph in the room here, this is not Alien and despite Scott’s statements dictating this, those expecting the same tone and style as well as succumbing to the extraterrestrial levels of hype will inevitably be disappointed.

Marvel Movie Showdown: The Avengers Vs Amazing Spiderman

It was like a dream come true for every Marvel Universe Fan when finally the movie The Avengers was released into movie screens all over the world last April and May this year. The movie claimed to be one of the best superhero film produced by Marvel Studios for earning the highest-grossing film for the year 2012. The Movie obviously created a big name into movie history by its production and as well as the stories.

Ready for New Summer Shows?

You seldom see reruns anymore. Now the summer shows are here. Will some of them reach the regular TV schedule?

Angels in America – Mike Nichols’ Triumph

Angels in America was a Golden Globe and Emmy Award winner from 2003. Based on Tony Kushner’s 2003 Pulitzer Prize-winning Broadway play, it takes place in 1985, the frightening time of the AIDS epidemic.

The Tug of Twisted Tales

In the last few years the popularity pendulum has swung back from realism to fantasy. In literature, the genre is topping not just YA, but also adult best-seller lists. Every network and cable television station has added at least one new fantasy series, with everything from urban to epic fantasies appearing on the small screen.

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Earns Title With Great Cast, Direction

To say that indie director Marc Webb (rightfully so with that last name) was a fitting choice to bring the much loved, but heavily admonished, Spider-Man franchise back around to its small, human roots is a severe understatement. After the announcement of the Sony Pictures reboot (instead of the originally planned 4th and 5th films, continuing Sam Raimi’s story with Tobey Maguire and Kirstin Dunst) just 5 short years after our friendly neighborhood web-slinger bowed out with the critically panned (somewhat unfairly so) Spider-Man 3, I found myself a tad catatonic concerning a seemingly unnecessary restart when we recently witnessed the character’s genesis onscreen less than a decade ago.

Review – “The Butcher Boy” In Focus: Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle

While The Great War was being fought, movie audiences flocked to palace like theatres to be entertained. While there, they saw the team of Arbuckle and Keaton at their comedy best.

Auf Wiedersehen Pet Cast – What Are They Doing Now?

The Auf Wiedersehen Pet Cast have gone on to bigger things since the show ended in 2004. Many fans of the show wish for a new series, or a one off special, but I think the time has come to let this classic TV series go, after almost 30 years. What have the Auf Wiedersehen Pet cast been doing since the show ended?, lets find out.

Doctor Who Trivia Nights – The Ultimate Challenge for Whovians

Doctor Who has been on television for almost fifty years. It has existed in that time not only as a live action series but as a series of novels, a series of continuing audio adventures, countless comic book stories and even a handful of animated specials; not to mention the handful of spin-offs which exist on screen and in novels for the series itself. Doctor Who if anything is a rich science fiction universe.

What’s in the Future for Doctor Who?

What’s in the future of Doctor Who? This is a question that plaques Doctor Who fans every year. As we come closer to the fiftieth anniversary of the series one can only fathom what exactly is in store for our favorite Time Lord.

The Secret World of Arietty

The Secret World of Arrietty is an animated film based on Mary Norton’s 1952 children’s book The Borrowers, which follows the lives of little people who make their way in the world by borrowing the things they need from the ‘human beans’ they quietly live among. Like the books, the film focuses on the Clock family: Pod, the patriarch and master borrower, Homily, mother and homemaker extraordinaire and their willful daughter, the titular Arrietty. She’s never met another borrower besides her parents, and as far as she knows, they’re the only ones. Pod (voiced by Will Arnett of Arrested Development fame) claims that there used to be two other borrower families in the house, but one moved and the other disappeared long ago.

Ghostbusters Costume Ideas

Ghostbusters is one of the all time classic movies, so there is no wonder why, come Halloween that Ghostbusters costumes are so popular among kids and adults. Whether you want to dress up as one of the Ghostbusters or one of the ghosts below you will find some Ghostbuster costume ideas that will get you started toward one awesome outfit this Halloween.