Movie Review – “StreetDance” – Dance Worlds Collide in This Film About Competitive Street Dancing

Dance worlds collide in this vibrant, uplifting film about competitive street dancing. It’s tutus vs. the hoodies in a face-off at the barre as street dancer and ballet trainees are forced to share rehearsal space…

My Favorite Action Movies (the Best Action Movies of All Time!)

An adventure thriller author’s list of some of the best action movies of all time! More to come!

“Mary Poppins:” A Look Back

The 1960s was a busy time for Walt Disney Studios, which was busy producing one hit family movie after the other, including “Swiss Family Robinson” and “Pollyanna.” No Disney movie had as much success and longevity, however, as the 1965 hit “Mary Poppins.” “Mary Poppins” was based on a series of books written in the 1930s by P.

‘Identity Thief’ Movie Starring Jason Bateman Filmed In Georgia

“Identity Thief,” starring Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy, joins the long list of movies filmed in Georgia. The movie is about a man, Sandy, who is tricked by a woman named Diana, who is experienced at stealing identities. When Sandy finds out his identity has been stolen he decides to track Diana down himself and get her to Denver, where she can be prosecuted.

From Iowa to Hollywood: The Life and Career of Ashton Kutcher

Christopher Ashton Kutcher was born on Feb. 7, 1978, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to Diane and Larry Kutcher, who were both blue-collar workers. He has a fraternal twin named Michael who has cerebral palsy and had to have a heart transplant as a child.

Made in Georgia: Church Produces Hit Films

Many well-known movies have been filmed in Georgia over the past several years. Four successful made in Georgia movies were produced by a unique production company, Sherwood Pictures, a ministry of Sherwood Baptist Church. Sherwood Pictures, located in Albany, Georgia, has been involved in this made in Georgia trend since 2003 when the movie “Flywheel” was released.

5 Vacation Movies To Watch Before You Plan Your Family Summer Trip

Summer is here and for many families that means it is time for an annual family vacation. Nice weather and a break from time commitments like school make summer a great day to enjoy some time away with the family. Gather your family and watch one of these five family vacation movies before you begin your own journey.

‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Movie Filmed In Atlanta

The “Hunger Games” movie trilogy follows the very successful “Hunger Games” books. The second movie, “Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” is set to premiere in November of 2013 and it is highly anticipated. The first movie, “The Hunger Games,” was filmed in North Carolina. “The Hunger Games” enjoyed huge success and the state of North Carolina certainly benefited from having the movie filmed there. Atlanta, Georgia was chosen for filming the second movie, and the addition of this high profile film to the list of movies and television shows filmed in Georgia is a big win for Georgia and the growing local film industry.

Top 10 Action-Comedy Movies (Duo)

There are a lot of Hollywood action-comedy movies, but it is quite hard to find the ones with two leading actors. These kinds of films are rare gems because it is difficult for producers and directors to make sure that the treatment is equal. Besides finding a good story, it is also important that the two actors have a good chemistry on screen. So if you are looking for the good ones of this genre, here is our list of Top 10 Action-Comedy Movies (Duo) Of All Time.

Kutcher Brings “Jobs” to Life

Steve Jobs death created a wave of activity throughout the tech world and in entertainment. Two major movie projects kicked off almost immediately. The first is “Jobs,” penned by Matt Whitely, and the second is an as-yet unnamed project by Oscar winner Aaron Sorkin.

“JOBS”-A New Film Report

Everybody has heard of Steve Jobs and Apple. It’s a story of genius and the beginnings of personal computers. Certainly it provides a true glimpse into how hard it was to promote something the world didn’t know it needed yet. The film, JOBS, surely tells this story with fairness and a sense of accuracy.

Chasing Mavericks – How A PG Rated Movie Caused A Late Night Discussion With My Tween Girl

A review of the movie Chasing Mavericks from the perspective of the mother of a 12 year old girl. Mommy’s… don’t let a rating of PG fool you into thinking you can just let them watch and not need to be there… PG means parental Guidance and this movie created cause for some.