Grey’s Anatomy, Boston Legal, Fly Girls and Their Common Denominator

Medical drama series had been warmly accepted by viewers. The success of ER, House, Grey’s Anatomy and its successors are epitome of how lucrative these shows are. And the same thing applies to medical industry; recently the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its annual wages report citing that surgeons, pediatricians and other medical related work are the highest earning jobs. Payroll of medical practitioners indeed ranks top among workers population.

Catch All The Action When You Watch Avatar Online

It has been quite some time since a cartoon of this caliber has been developed, but Avatar: The Last Airbender has been providing nonstop action and humor for audiences young and old. Luckily for the fans, it is easier than ever to watch Avatar online. This exciting three season blend of anime art and U.S. domestic cartoons packs in excitement for people of all ages. If you have not gotten a chance to catch an episode, be careful. This phenomenal storyline will have you hooked after just one episode.

A Review of MTV’s Jersey Show

The season 3 of Jersey Shore is just round the corner. The new season will get started on January 6th 2011, and his time the crew is again back to the shores of Jersey.

A Review on MTV’s Jersey Shore

The list of reality shows will never be genuine if the Jersey shore is not listed. This show caught the glare and attention of not just the camera, but also of the people watching. The first season had 8 cast members, 4 girls and 4 boys who were at the jersey shore to spend their summer together.

The Reality of Jersey Show on MTV

Reality TV is the trend at the present time that has taken over the soaps and serials shows. People love to watch spontaneity and expressions that are close to real. One of the most popular reality television shows that caught the eye of the world is Jersey Shore, by MTV.

Find Out More About the Jersey Shore TV Show

The Jersey Show is a reality show broadcast b MTV which completed two seasons so far and is coming back with a third season. This show follows eight people, men and women, spending their summer together. The first season was shot at the Jersey Shore, New Jersey and the second season was shot at Miami Beach.

When Bad Things Happen to Good Movies

Why do mainstream movies have a problem with independent film concepts, or movies that address offbeat subjects? Ramblings about this issue with regards to a new movie from a black woman director.

The Major Actors of the ‘Jersey Shore’

With its three seasons, the Jersey Shore TV show has got a huge fan following. The show concentrates on American Italians who spend their summer together. The relationship and life styles of these housemates are the major theme of the show.

Controversies Surrounding the Jersey Shore Series

The Jersey Shore TV series is a very popular American reality show, broadcast by MTV. There have been various controversies surrounding the program right from the beginning. This article focuses light on those controversies.

Read About The Jersey Shore Series on MTV

The Jersey Shore TV Series is a reality show broadcast on MTV. So far the show has successfully completed two seasons. The third season of the show will soon be broadcast. The first season of the Jersey Shore was a huge hit.

Top 10 Boxing Movies

Mark your calendars. Odd as it may seem, today may be the day that Marky Mark (sans the Funky Bunch) joins the company of such greats as Robert De Niro, Sylvester Stallone, Will Smith, Russell Crowe and so on.

What Is A Film Budget?

I suppose I should first tell you what in a generalized sense a budget is and why most people haven’t got a clue how to establish or read one – let alone commit to abiding by one. Yes, that’s right I used the word commit, because that’s what a budget is, it’s a commitment!