How I Met Your Mother: Re-Inventing the Sitcom

In the 1990’s sitcoms were it. They were TV. “Seinfeld”, “Friends”, “Cheers”. The top-rated, most beloved shows were traditional, three-camera sitcoms with ensemble casts. Then, as the new millennium approached, reality TV arrived and changed the whole face of the medium. Sitcoms have since faded from glory and are now overwhelmingly outnumbered by procedural dramas, serials, and the aforementioned reality shows. Sitcoms had grown stagnant. But now there is hope and it comes in the form of CBS’s How I Met Your Mother.

Is Heroes Moving Too Slow for Television?

Heroes remains entertaining and intriguing, even as it frustrates. I’m a sucker for anything involving superheroes and, therefore, I should be eating this show up. And, to be fair, I kind of am. However, I do have doubts about its future and, although the next two episodes may extinguish those fears, Heroes is going to need to step on the gas pedal, and soon.

Clerks II Garners Decent Respect

Clerks II is a film that was directed by the comedic mastermind Kevin Smith. Responsible for creating a host of irresponsible adolescent comedies over the past decade, Smith has shown his remarkable sense of humor to the world time and time again with his realistic yet kooky characters. Clerks II is no exception to the rule.

Dancing with the Stars: Results Show 5, Season 3

Another upset in the Dancing with the Stars saga. A rising star gets recognized by the voters and moves on without being placed in the bottom two. The results show acts as merely a filler with lackluster, amateurish performances and vocal-performance oriented pieces.

How TV Detectives Almost Made Me Become A Private Investigator

The old detective shows greatly differ from the new ones. The new ones are filled with graphic violence and plots that would have made my mother ban me from watching TV.

Dancing with the Stars: Episode 5 – Season 3

Who delivered the best performance of the evening. Who should go. Get a recap of episode 5, season 3 of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.

Are The New Remakes Of The Old Classic Movies Really Worth Seeing?

There have been many classic movies remade years later, some are good and some are not. It depends on the how the story is interpreted. In the early movies sex and violence are hardly ever shown they are implied. In the newer versions they don’t hold back anything.

Enjoy All Of Your Favorite Movie Classics On Satellite And Cable

There is a reason movies become classics. The stories a good and the performers are great. Often in the old movies the story line was very simple, but a great actor can take a plain Jane role and turn it into a must see event.

The First Drive By Shootings From The Classic Gangster Movies

Sometimes a person just wants to see a good crime solved. Take mobster films for example, these black and white classics still have the potential to entertain audience of all ages. So if you’re getting tired of the same old story, try watching one of these old school crime dramas.

How James Dean Became The Original Bad Boy Of Hollywood

James Dean paved the way for bad boys Hollywood history. Boys wanted to be like him, and girls wanted to date him. Critics consistently booed him, calling him a Brando imitation, but now more than a half a century after his death, we can all recognize his role as the original bad boy in Hollywood film.

No Good Deed – A Modern Hard-Boiled Thriller

No Good Deed stars Samuel L. Jackson and Milla Jovovich in a tale of betrayal, lust, and greed. Is it worth the price of a rental, or should it be avoided? Read this review and find out.

Dancing with the Stars, Results Show 4: All Bets Are Off

Vivica Fox gets voted off Dancing with the Stars causing outrage among the viewers. Is Dancing with the Stars a popularity contest?