Ricky and Bianca to Tie the Knot Again in Eastenders – Will Anything Go Wrong?

Ricky and Bianca are probably one of soap lands best loved characters, the pair have had an on off relationship for years. But new speculation is that the pair are said to be tying the knot again.

The 5 Best TV Shows Ever

Television shows have come and gone throughout the years and I must admit I’ve seen my fair share. Some were short lived and others played for many years. After careful thought and consideration, I give you my picks for the 5 best t.v. shows ever in no particular order.

Pandorum – The Sci-Fi Flick of the Year

Directed by Christian Alvart, the new US-Germany joint venture sci-fi/horror flick Pandorum has hit the box office hard on September 25. With a total production cost of $40 million, of which $6 million was provided by the German Federal Film Fund (DFFF), the movie has already earned gross revenue of $4,410,000.

How to Buy Klingon Weapons

By far the easiest place to find Klingon weapons for sale is the internet. There is no doubt how popular Star Trek is but let’s face it, they aren’t going to be in stores in every small town across the country.

GI Joe – The Rise of Cobra – Review

Stephen Sommers big screen adaption of the popular toy property is exactly what it should be; it is a big, loud, fun, action packed, kick ass summer popcorn movie that perfectly captures the spirit of the cartoons and comic books from the 80’s. I can tell you right now that any bad reviews you’ve read are from critics who clearly don’t get the appeal of the Real American Heroes. Fortunately for us, Sommers does. Whether you’re a fan of G.I. Joe (I am) or just like big budget, action spectacles, you will enjoy every pulse pounding moment of The Rise of Cobra.

Hollywood Sex Symbol – Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth trivia starts with her birth in 1918, a regular New York girl that had a unique advantage over many of the other girls that wanted to grow up to become actresses. Her father and grandfather were both extremely well known Spanish dance instructors who wanted her to become a dancer, and her mother was pushing for her to be an actress. This meant that even from a young age, Hayworth was getting the training and the knowledge that she needed in order to become an accomplished and successful performer.

The Acting Career of Gregory Peck

Gregory Peck trivia reveals that this famous actor was born in San Diego, and spent several years in military school before going to the San Diego High School. It was during his years at Berkeley University that he was drawn into the acting world, and would begin to perform in the theater. After school, he would go to New York City to study with Sanford Meisner, one of the great acting coaches of the time.

One of Hollywood’s Greatest Actresses – Bette Davis

Like many of the earliest film stars, Bette Davis trivia shows that her start as an actress came through the theater rather than immediately through films. She had decided from quite a young age that she was committed to being an actress, and so applied to several acting schools in New York, eventually being accepted by the John Murray Anderson School of Theater.

Choosing Your Klingon Weapon

Weapon choice can be made difficult by the extensive history and relevance behind these ceremonious armaments. Understanding the main uses and some short history on each one may help you to decide on which Klingon weapon best suits your needs.

Klingon Weapons 101

Klingon weapons are used by the humanoid race called Klingons who feature in the popular Star Trek series. Klingons were first introduced into the Star Trek universe during the episode Errand of Mercy. A humanoid race, they are the main antagonists in Star Trek: The Original Series, later to become the allies of the United Federation of Planets.

Robots Featured in Film and Television

Since 1939 the film industry has been overwhelmed in creating virtual personalities in the big screen. Over a hundred robots have been given distinct and unique personalities. Rol oh was the very first robot to be introduced in a movie fair, it was the most advanced of its kind and it was designed to take over household chores like cleaning, cooking, and answering the door.

Top Gear Facts

Top Gear fun facts The show is a smash hit around the world attracting an audience of over 350 million people In 2001 the show was scrapped due to poor ratings! “Who is the Stig? ” is the burning question most people think about when asked about the programme.