The Amazing Race Recap 5/10

The Hippies, B.J. and Tyler, start off this leg at a serious disadvantage: shoeless and penniless! However, the appearance of the second Fast Forward of the race gives all the teams a chance to leave their competitors in the dust.

Survivor, “The Final Showdown & Exile Island Reunion” Recap 5/14

It’s the final episode of the season! Cirie is sent home after the tie-breaker challenge, and Danielle, Aras and Terry are the final three. After a Reward Challenge, Immunity Challenge, and two Tribal Councils, everyone heads to New York City to learn who will be the ultimate Survivor.

The Real World, Season Seventeen, Episode Thirteen, “Opening Day” Recap 5/16

The Mystic Tan salon opens, and “Paulie Walnuts” and John have yet another confrontation after a night of drinking.

Success: Can You Spell That Without Any S’s?

The wonderful feature film Akeelah and the Bee is about friendship, community, achievement, and love. If I had enough money, I would give multiple copies of this movie to every single educational institution in the world. I can’t give away that many DVD copies, but I can give a few and so can you.

Wings (DVD) Review

Created by David Angell, Peter Casey, and David Lee, all producers of the critically acclaimed Cheers and writers for its hit spin-off Frasier, Wings shares many of the same attributes of the popular bar “where everybody knows your name”…

The Da Vinci Code Controversy Under The Scrutiny Of Aristotelian Logic

A simple form of Aristotelian logic is presented. The Da Vinci code controversy is analysed under the light of the principles of this philosophical construct. It is assumed that the reader is at least partly aware with the issues raised by the novel by Don Brown. “The Da Vinci Code”.

The Awful Truth About Going To The Movies

Why are movie theaters losing money? Well how about the awful service and poor selection of films for starters…

Da Vinci Code Secrets

Secrets beyond the Da Vinci Code taught by the Da Vinci Code Life Coach. Shocking Secrets will be revieled from within your own hearts to make you wealthy. But Remember the Meaning of Life is 42…

Queer Eye for the Bible Guy

“Bibleman” hates gay people and further bigotry promoted by the “Bibleman” TV show

American Idol Betting Odds: when will you American Idol Fans Start Listening?

American Idol attracts millions of viewers and wants to continue that trend. They sell the American Dream that anything is possible, plus they want controversy at the water cooler the next day!

A Look At HD Tivo

Have you ever heard someone say they were going to Tivo a program and wondered what they meant? HD Tivo is a term used to describe a high definition digital video recorder, which permits the owner to record television programming and store it to an internal hard disk for later viewing. So, the next time someone says they are going to Tivo something, they are simply saying that they are going to record it so that it can be watched at a later, more convenient time.

Cheap Satellite TV

Satellite TV used to be considered a luxury just a few years ago. Cheap satellite TV was just a fantasy. The prices of a system with a satellite TV dish and electronic boxes ranged from $2,000 to $10,000. The installation cost was another few hundreds dollars.