My Top Ten Movie Star Queens Of All Time

I know we all have our special favorite movie stars. The girls have their guys, and the guys have their girls. This is my top ten movie star queens of all time.

True Grit: Rooster Rides Again

In 1984, they shot into view with the wry, stylish Blood Simple; and ever since, the Coen brothers have mined the under-seam of the American Dream, exploring the dark matter at the heart of its myths and traditions. In their most recent film, they’ve re-adapted a little-read American classic novel that in its first outing as a movie won John Wayne his only Oscar. How well have they done?

Inception (2010) Review

The architecture of the mind, a vast and boundless wonder. The things that can happen, the things that can be achieved are limitless. The mind can create the most complicated of puzzles and solve the most complicated of puzzles. This is Inception, a movie which explores the idea of puzzles, but is a puzzle itself.

Stephen King Movies

Stephen King is a successful American Novelist who typically writes in the horror genre. His popularity caused his work to expand beyond just writing and into the film and television industry.

Dirty Dancing: The Catskills Connection and Film Locations

There is a very huge connection between the Catskills and the movie, Dirty Dancing. Enjoy the following information about people’s real-life experiences in the Catskills and about the actual film locations used to capture the special quality of the Catskills.

Tees Maar Khan – Reviewed

This week is big. For the last three years, movie buffs in India identify this week as more of an Aamir Khan week (Taare Zameen Par in 2007, Ghajini in 2008 and 3 Idiots in 2009) than the usual Christmas week. With no Aamir Khan movie slated to release this week, Farah Khan grabbed the opportunity and released her latest movie, Tees Maar Khan this Friday.

Tips For Making YouTube Videos

YouTube videos are a great way for you to become a worldwide overnight success. Recently, a young male singer posted a video of himself singing a Lady Gaga song and within a few weeks, the video had millions of views and he was doing the entertainment show circuit.

Tips For Recording Your Favorite TV Shows

We lead busy lives and those often do not revolve around the schedules of our favorite television programs. When we are not able to catch these during their airing time, we should record them so we don’t miss any of the action.

Movie Summary: Yes Man

Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel star in the 2008 hit comedy Yes Man. See how learning to say yes turns Carl’s world upside down.

Buying Films Online Puts Excellent Variety at Your Fingertips

One of the best pastimes when watching the television at home is for the family to gather round and enjoy a film. There are a wide variety of films to suit virtually every taste and thanks to the invention and expansion of the Internet, buying films online puts an entire library of films at your fingertips. Many people have come to appreciate the opportunity to add new releases in films to their movie collection as soon as those releases come out but it is not always possible to get to the shops before they sell out.

Buying Games, CDs and Films Online Saves a Lot

Having a home entertainment collection takes some effort to assemble just the right equation of games, CDs and films. For many people, this collection grows from watching papers and television adverts for special offers and bargain sales, relying on opportunities like these to shop from store to store when necessary to get the desired items.

The Best Choices Are Available When Buying Films Online

Nothing quite compares to the feeling that comes from watching a thrilling film that keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time. Having the option to recreate that experience in your home for a group of family and friends can be just as exciting. The best choices in films are available when buying films online, often before their release anywhere on the high street.