Gilmore Girls (Season 4) DVD Review

Nominated for 1 Emmy and 1 Golden Globe in its first five seasons, Gilmore Girls has experienced much greater success among TV viewers than among industry critics…

South Park (Season 5) DVD Review

Premiering in the late summer of 1997, South Park took American pop culture by storm with its no-holds-barred examination of social and political issues and its lewd yet unique brand of cartoon humor…

The Sopranos (Season 5) DVD Review

Along with Sex And The City, the HBO original series The Sopranos took the world by storm in the late-1990s with its cutting edge drama and acerbic wit…

Da Vinci Code – Copyright Infringement on a Genre?

Boy the Da Vinci Code has no doubt seen its share of controversy and has sold millions of copies because of it. Do you have a copy of the Best Selling “Da Vinci Code” and if you do you are certainly not alone.

Martha Stewart was Better than Donald Trump

With Reality TV it looks as if Donald Trump is the champ. Unfortunately Donald Trump’s depiction of corporate America is so far from the truth that it is no wonder anyone watches that show all. Martha Stewart’s show was much better in that it was more in line with reality. After all we are talking about reality TV aren’t we?

Smallville (Season 4) DVD Review

Leaping onto the television landscape in Fall 2001, Smallville follows the exploits of a young Clark Kent in the years leading up to his emergence as the beloved Superman.

Alias (Season 4) DVD Review

Premiering in September 2001, Alias has built a steady and loyal following among television viewers…

New Scary Movie 4 Pics

New images from Scary Movie 4 which hits theaters April 14th


What do we need celebrities for?

Energy Enhancement Meditation Incredibly Profitable and Successful Movie List: American Beauty

Why is American Beauty By Sam Mendes and with Kevin Spacey on our List? Well first of all, it won loads of Oscars. And secondly, what makes a good movie? And what makes an Incredibly Profitable and Successful Movie? Because usually, the two go together.

Three’s Company (Season 4) DVD Review

Bursting onto the television landscape in Spring 1977, Three’s Company quickly skyrocketed in the ratings – cracking the top 8 every season except its last

The Waltons (Season 2) DVD Review

Nominated for 15 Golden Globes and 25 Emmys, including two for Outstanding Drama Series, The Waltons enjoyed nine seasons of high audience ratings and notable critical acclaim