Rent Movies on the Web

Renting movies on the web can be a huge time saver for most rural living individuals who have to commute a fairly large distance to rent their favorite movies. Today, we will be examining why movie rentals online are gaining so much popularity.

HDTV Introduction

Are you looking to buy a HDTV? Take a look at our guide to find out what HDTV is about at

Animal Actors

For a casting director, auditions with actual people are much more common than auditions seeking animal talent. But sometimes it is the animal that can really make the magic for the television show or film it stars in.

The Poseidon Adventure

The Poseidon Adventure started as a book and went on to inspire three major motion pictures, and a TV movie. The latest movie “Poseidon” hits theatres May 12, 2006.

How Real is Reality TV?

It may interest you to know that your favourite Reality TV may not be as real as you may wish to think after all. The reality here is actually edited to boost network ratings and entertain its viewers.

Audio and Video File Formats: An Introduction

Audio and video file formats are multiplying as corporate bodies such as Microsoft and Sony customise their software to suit playback equipment. This article gives a brief introduction to the various formats which you may now come across.

More Secrets of Leonardo Da Vinci

Da Vinci left many mysterious messages in his art. Learn about two more paintings that include baffling images.

Decoding and Debunking the DaVinci Dode

In this article, Pastor Michael dicusses what he has learned about The DaVinci Code book and movie.

America – From Freedom to Fascism – A Movie by Aaron Russo

IRS: We’ve got what it takes to get what you’ve got. Jeeze Louise. Where are the tissues when you need them?

American Idol Jewelry Favorites

The merchandise is everywhere: American Idol t-shirts, American Idol jewelry, American Idol accessories – all the things you need to make you look like your favorite American Idol! More than anyone else in this day and age, kids aspire to be the next Fantasia Barrino, the next Ruben Studdard, the next Carrie Underwood, and to get their shot in the limelight so they can let their talents shine.

John Wayne – “The Duke”

This article is the second part of a brief biography and a tribute to John Wayne, perhaps one of the best known actors of the 20th Century. It covers more about his personal life, as well as the public one.

John Wayne – A Modern Legend

Perhaps one of the greatest and best known actors of the 20th century, John Wayne was born in Winterset, Iowa. The following is a brief biography and tribute to this man who left behind an incredible legacy in his personal life and in filmography.