There Is More To Classic Film Than “Casablanca”

If you are a lover of classic films and enjoy talking about the subject, you have probably noticed an upsetting trend occurring during your discussion. As soon as you begin your conversation, someone invariably starts slobbering, becomes weak in the knees and generally acts like he is undergoing a full blown demonic possession of some type. What’s the Major Malfunction?

Rio – Christian Movie Review

A review of the movie, Rio from a Christian perspective. It was a surprisingly original animated kids movie that is enjoyable for the whole family.

2012 Movies To Get Excited About

The world might end in 2012 so it’s an important year for films. Before looking at my list you must understand that this is just my personal excitement list and this may change as more information or trailers come out for these or other films.

Selecting a Digital Projector on Rental for Meeting Rooms

The requirements that one might have from a projector on rental differ depending on where the projector is expected to deliver. In meeting rooms, there are many different issues like high ambient light and more that necessitates the need of a particular kind of projector rental.

How To Find The Name of a Song From a TV Commercial

With the slow death of commercial radio over the last few years, one manner that people hear new music is by way of the TV commercial. If I sit in front of the TV, and happen to catch a couple of commercials, at some point I’ll find myself saying, “What song is that? I like it.”

Family Halloween Movies

It can be tough trying to find scary movies that the whole movie can watch together. Here are some suggestions for some spooky, family-friendly movies.

5 Top Films for a Courier to Enjoy

If you work as a courier driver then it’s probably a reasonable assumption that you enjoy driving. For that reason, you may also enjoy watching films that involve driving, and if so you have many excellent films to choose from. But have you seen these five classics? If not, get down to your local DVD shop and check them out.

The Five Coolest Vampire Pictures for All Time

Some Eighty odd years ago the earliest recognized vampire film was released- it was called ‘Nosferatu’ and it still stacks up today as one of the creepiest movies ever made! It is actually an adaptation of the classic Bram Stoke novel ‘Dracula’. Ever since the first movie was released, there has been countless more introduced into the film industry. This is my own individual top five list of ‘Must-See’ vampire flick.

Movie Sequels We Actually Want To See

There are a lot of terrible sequels that have come out recently. However I still love when sequels are released. With that being said here are some movies that I think really need a follow up.

What Qualities Are Most Desired of a TV Detective?

The mysterious world of a TV detective is an interesting one, filled with murder, suspense, clues, corruption and deception. Some detectives are better than others but you cannot always put your finger on what exactly it is.

Alexander Wraith – A Rising Star

It’s been less than a minute since I was first introduced to Hollywood’s fast-rising star at the door of his LA hotel suite and already he gifts me with a pair of cool customized Converse, but nothing is standard about Alex Wraith. From his crazed and surreal childhood to his unlikely emergence as an imaginative genius able to learn and adapt to virtually anything with in a few hours, Wraith’s journey to the threshold of Hollywood’s A-list and elite, has defied convention every step of the way.

How Subtitle Data Processing Techniques Have Progressed to Enhance New Broadcast Technology

Subtitles are not new features. They are a century old but have lasted the test of time by adapting with the times. In fact, they have successfully enhanced every broadcast technology through the decades. This article looks at how subtitle data processing techniques have progressed to enhance every new broadcast technology that has emerged.