3D Glasses and Hands-Free Navigation – Now That’s Entertainment!

It is estimated that within this year there will be a hefty reappearance of 3D entertainment as a result of the successful top grossing blockbuster movie, Avatar. Recently, not only is 3D entertainment featured in cinemas, but also in High Definition Televisions and game consoles.

Thoroughly Charming Musical Based on Shakespeare’s Fairy Mischief

‘Were the World Mine’ is a thoroughly charming film. It’s a musical with a great rock soundtrack with the lyrics based on William Shakespeare’s play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’

How to Ensure Quality Sound While You Watch the Movie at Your Home Using Home Theater

Almost all home theater users are familiar with the trepidation of 60Hz hum problem that often occur with the speakers. We often observe this noise with other’s sound system and not with our own.

Think You Can’t Afford Film College? Think Again

Film College is wicked expensive. However, there are ways that you can still afford to attend film school without going broke in the process.

Sound Matters!

If you are in search of a useful, enjoyable and reasonable priced home theater, don’t worry, you can comfortably build it within just a single weekend. Simply assemble a plane screen television like Samsung 52b750 on the central wall.

Choosing the Best Home Theater to Add a Unique Experience to Your Life

After spending a huge amount of money, everyone seeks satisfaction about the sound system installed in his/her home but still there are some matters to be considered. Investing in home theater systems is not an easy task and takes some time to plan about getting the aesthetic right and making yourself comfortable with the equipment around you.

Entertainment Just in Front of Your Eyes

Thanks to the advanced technology we have today, modern inventors have now created smaller or portable gadgets that can carry the work load of those bulky ones. One of these portable gadgets is the TV glasses.

Top 10 Shows For Children on Nick Jr

I like this channel, it has some good programs for my children. It was once Noggin, now it is Nick Jr. There are a few annoying ones, but generally it is good television for children.

Rambo – Live For Rambo Or Die For Stallone

I can remember being a fresh-faced nine year old when ‘First Blood Part 2’ came out, and at school one of those horrible kids who looked about five years older than what they were said that he’d seen it, and Rambo shoots someone in the face, cuts another guy’s head off, etc. Obviously, when I got round to seeing this movie, it wasn’t as bad as had been described. Now finally, twenty three years later, Stallone has made the movie that was promised to me back in ’85.

DIY Digital Movie Distribution For Short Content

I saw a show with Vanguard correspondent Christof Putzel doing an interview with Wicked Pictures Steve Orenstein who made great points. When streaming content online there will always be piracy of entertainment.

The Best Hindi Movies 2009

A message for newcomers to the world of Hindi film: you have a lot of catching up to do. For those of you who are turned off by the thought of wading through a ton of very good, but low fidelity by today’s standards, movies, check out some of the many newer movies available for viewing these days. Although many of these have started to depart from the more classic Hindi cinema where romance, comedy, family, and friendship were all present in one movie, they still make for some damn fun and interesting entertainment.

How to Stop Missing Television Shows

When you miss your favorite television show, it can be frustrating. Learn a few ways that will help you not have to miss your show.