Time Travel and Alternate Vantage Points Are Hollywood Blockbusters’ Latest Content Generators

With sequels and prequels accounting for a higher percentage of blockbusters than ever before, one wonders how it is even possible new content can continue to be generated for these sequels. Two of the answers include time travel and alternate vantage points, which are discussed with some examples.

Asians and Australian Stake Claim For The Top 3 Spots of Design Genius

And then there were three… Thartchaieni Singam from Malaysia, Vietnamese-Australian Tung Vu, and Jack Leeson from Australia, have outlasted the 6 other designers from across the globe vying for the distinction of becoming the next Design Genius.

WILD – A New Film Report

I’m having a hard time trying to understand why the film WILD just didn’t work. I mean, you have a tale of a strong feminist– fed up with life as she’s lived it– having cheated on spouse, and hyper-grieved mom’s death–having not known how to say “No!” to Toms, Dicks and Harrys– and having not given up totally on Heroin– suddenly, randomly getting the idea– from something glimpsed on a book rack– that she will trek a good part of the Pacific Crest Trail-from The Mohave-and finish up in Northern Oregon, God willing. That’s ambitious to say the least.

Nightcrawler and Interstellar – An Exploration of Darkness

From the vast, mysterious dark of outer space in ‘Interstellar,’ to the night-time Los Angeles gloom of ‘Nightcrawler,’ cinema-goers are spoilt for choice this fall, that is if they’re looking for moments of thrilling disquiet, and the saturnine, gloomy intensity that comes with all-engulfing darkness. ‘Interstellar’ sees Matthew McConaughey reinforcing his new-found place in serious cinema as Cooper, a former NASA pilot tasked with one last mission; to journey into outer space to find a new home planet for mankind. Christopher Nolan reaffirms himself as king of cerebral, fast-paced science fiction films, taking pages from his own creations (Inception, Dark Knight…

Citizenfour – A New Film Report

The first thing that struck me about CITIZENFOUR was the almost disappointing nebbish appearance of Edward Snowden, the key character in this well-designed documentary that was mostly filmed in a small hotel room wherein Snowden was hiding out. There– in the city of Hong Kong– he had meetings with several people whom he’d chosen to publicly reveal the documents he had purloined from the secret files of the NSA data ports, which he– as analyst for Booz Allen Hamilton– had become privy to.

The Homesman – A New Film Report

When folks start their gushing about all the things that THE HOMESMAN tells us about life out in the Nebraska Territory around eighteen-fifty – how young women went crazy from the loss of their children from the harsh elements — or how they lost a mom that their husband had to drag out in the coldest weather with scarcely a decent burial – or how a mom had to dispose of a child– who’s starving — by pitching him into a hole in the outhouse- I find it hard to grieve their grief. These hurts are horrible, yet we’ve seen so much bad in our round-the-world coverage — twenty-four-hours-a-day — that such trials don’t sink in.


What a marvelous film! It holds everything that in my mind makes a film great. It tells a story which could be of the ages: Imagine a brilliant young man- having the glory of a cosmological inquisitive mind and the great privilege of being educated in one of the world’s great institutions of learning-at Cambridge- and finding himself in love with a young female student who is in love with him — and getting ready to embark on a stellar career… suddenly finding that his future may well be sealed by a cruel Motor Neuron Disease that the doctors predict will end his life within two years. Who of us would have the stuff to turn that fate into one of the great triumphs of love and genius?

Western Movies And Its Appeal

Some people love to watch movies of the Western genre, but most people don’t. Well, I’m a Western-addict. I love to watch even a rotten Western film which has been rated 1 or 2 on the scale of 5.

Will Mockingjay Improve Upon Hunger Games Catching Fire Movie

A number of fans were less than thrilled with the pace of Catching Fire. We look at whether there is reason to believe Mockingjay will deliver more of the kind of action promised in the first film, The Hunger Games.

The Top 5 Christmas Scenes From Movies

Christmas is coming! Why don’t you download some old movies to get in the Christmas spirit. Here are our picks for the best five scenes from Christmas movies.

WHIPLASH – A New Film Report

I held reservations–daring to see this film. I’d seen trailers; and it looked to me as if it was a cruel, unrelenting fight between a guy who was coaching talented musicians how to endure his mean driving spirit to reach greatness. ‘Who wants to suffer that?’ I asked parts of myself. But having read and heard how great WHIPLASH was, I made up my mind I’d check it out. It was pretty much as I thought, but the execution– the script, the acting and the directing– were colossal. Starting with Damien Chazelle, the director–as well as the writer– here rolls a film that demonstrates the whole idea of making greatness in one’s students out of maniacal dedication to an excellence that the teacher holds.

FURY – A New Film Report

When I think about how a war movie now shows the spiritual, soul-destroying ritual of killing foes without severing the connection between mind and heart of participants, it astonishes me. How can it be possible for people– who probably once lived simple lives of mediocre intensity– to now be risking their lives or extinguishing others’… daily?. It’s amazing! And yet we as viewers digest it all and seem to enjoy the whole panoply. I guess as long as we are not the ones getting killed or killing- and know it is, of course, only a film, something real weird kicks in; and we watch and redeem something.