Doctor Who – Looking to the Future of the Science Fiction Legend

On the heels of David Tennant’s announcement that he is to leave the role of the world’s favourite Time Lord upon completion of the 2009 special episodes, the Doctor Who fan community has ignited with theories and suggestions for the future of the series. While some of these ideas are pretty outlandish, we can be sure that new show-runner Steven Moffat will do his utmost to remain true to the central core values and ideals of the series itself.

Talk Radio

Oliver Stone’s Talk Radio took its inspiration from a real event: the murder of liberal Denver radio personality Alan Berg at the behest of a militant right-wing hate group. Here is the story: Barry Champlain is a provocative radio talk-show host, whose racy eloquence and inflammatory views stirs up both love and hate among his listeners.

Heroes Season 3 Episode 9 Review – “Its Coming” Hilarity Ensues!

Hey fellow readers! Today I’m bringing you my REVIEW of the latest Heroes episode for season 3. This episode was aired November 18, 2008. So lets begin! Oh And before you guys read on SPOILERS ARE EVERYWHERE! But then again you probably seen it already so no biggie. Episode 9 Season 3 Heroes : “It’s Coming” The title for this episode just sounds like a bad porno flick that I would probably watch. But please hold the Ali Larter for goodness sake.

How Good is Freeware Movie Editing Software?

There are a lot of different options out there for those interested in Freeware Movie Editing Software. You can find a bunch of different options out there that will work with the various operating systems. There are some options that are meant for more advanced users, but there are also some systems that are good for beginners.

Dish Network – It’s All About the Value

Let’s face it- the price of television service makes a huge difference in the company you choose and the types of service which you eventually end up with. Usually, you decide how much you can afford and figure out what you can get for that amount of money. Unfortunately, this might mean you have to miss out on the types of service or the amount of programming that you really want. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. If you sign up with Dish Network, you will be able to get more services that you ever thought possible without spending more than you can afford.

Review of Every Clone High Episode

Clone High was a highly entertaining and funny show that was originally put on the air by MTV. The show was cancelled by episode 10 and the serious finale was never even aired.

We Can Lead the Country But Can’t Get a Lead on Prime Time

With the upcoming exception of Laurence Fishburne, who will be taking over the LVPD CSI unit when William Petersen’s Gil Grissom exits, people of color cannot seem to get a leading role on prime time TV. It’s not just Black folks either. In fact, African-Americans have a better shot at the lead (i.

Hellboy II the Golden Army Blu Ray Review

Hellboy II was release on November 11th 2008 which was directed by Guillermo Del Toro who also directed movies such as blade II, Hellboy and his recently announced film The Hobbit. The design work is superior to the first movie and the humor is ratcheted up a notch. The fights are better and more thrilling and the monsters are way cool.

Cinema Releases – Christmas 2008

The Christmas season is fast approaching, and so is the anticipation and expectation for the movies that will be released in cinemas these holidays. Watching movies, whether in cinemas or on DVD, has become a tradition of the holidays and is an aspect that increases the charm of the holiday season. Some movies are released a little before Christmas while there are others that are released during the Christmas holidays.

Rachel Food – Sumptuous & Delicious

On air, for the last two years, Rachel food show is doing just great. This hour-long syndicated series is a daily affair.

DTV Channels – Learn Which Digital Channels Are in Your Area

If you are looking for DTV channels you are probably interested in converting your current analog signal to receive 100% digital quality programming. The good news is that beginning on February 19th, 2009 you will be able to receive digital quality broadcasting by all the local stations in your area as they will no longer be able to send analog airwaves anymore. There are many channels already that broadcast in digital and if you only receive analog signals through an antenna you are missing out on these.

DTV Answers About the Analag to Digital Conversion

You have probably seen all the commercials and looking for the DTV answers yourself after seeing so many ads about the analog to digital conversion. As you probably are aware of all the broadcasting in your local area throughout the U.S.