Analyzing the Characters of Superhero Films

The recent increase in the amount of films based on superheroes has led to a necessity to discuss the method by which they are presented. In order to determine the fundamental components for these films, I will examine Richard Donner’s 1978 version of Superman, Tim Burton’s 1989 interpretation of Batman, and Sam Raimi’s 2002 blockbuster, Spiderman.

Danielle Harris Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghosts – An Interview

For playing such a tough, resourceful character, as both as Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4 & 5, and Annie Brackett in Rob Zombie’s Halloween I & II, Danielle Harris is a sweetheart. She’s funny, captivating and completely down to earth, which made this a really enjoyable interview to conduct. The setting was perfect; heavy rains and wind, with power flickering on and off. I’m not sure if that’s what Danielle was experiencing as she called from New York, but for me, nothing could have been better. Danielle was gracious enough to talk to me about her role in the original Halloween series, as well as Rob Zombie’s remakes, her new film Hatchet II, and the zen of moving furniture, and then moving it again.

Litigation Over Innovation

“The Social Network,” the recent film about the founding of Facebook, could have been an exciting, uplifting, inspiring, rags-to-riches story about a young entrepreneur who started a $25 billion company and became the youngest billionaire ever, and the creative steps he went through in solving thorny design, implementation, and managerial problems. Instead, Hollywood has given us a nasty, cynical, exploitative yarn about slimy people harassing and suing the pants off one another, excruciating and embarrassing depositions taken and disputed, and flimsy contracts and partnerships violated and dissolved.

Great Bollywood Films

The cinema of Bollywood has been cranking out lavish musicals for years, but you can also find films catering to fans of action, romance, and even horror. Join us for a look at some of the best examples of Hindi filmmaking in the last decade.

The Top Five Greatest Michael Douglas Films Of All Time

Michael Douglas is an actor who is very good an authoritative figure in movies. He always seems to play prestigious characters, whether it is a lawyer, business executive or even the President of the United States of America. I can’t think of a movie where he’s played an officer, but if he were to, he would definitely play the commissioner.

Christopher Nolan’s Greatest Films Thus Far In His Career

Christopher Nolan has quickly risen through the ranks to become one of the greatest directors in the game. Honestly, at this point, it seems that he is only second to James Cameron when it comes to the best directors out there. He is truly brilliant and all of his movies are great.

Alice in Wonderland – An Honest Review

Few people would have been surprised at the news that Tim Burton had turned his unique style and attention to a retelling of this marvellous children’s classic, in fact considering the weird and quirky world that Lewis Carroll’s tale takes us to, it would seem to be more surprising if Mr Burton had finished his career without attempting to do justice to Alice in Wonderland. The film appears to be set some time after the adventures made famous in the books, in my minds eye I always picture Alice as being a small girl, and yet the first time we see her in the film she is a beautiful young woman about to be proposed to.

Monday Nights Are Going to Be Excellent on TV

Although Mondays are often one of the hardest days to get through because it is the beginning of the week, we now have some unique television to look forward to, to get you through the day. Whether you like comedy, drama, crime or a combination of all three, Mondays are sure to be jam packed as your DVR tries to keep up with all of the wonderful content. Below are some well written new TV shows that you will want to make sure to watch.

Tuesday Night Is a Great Night on TV

Tuesday is an excellent night for television. Check out some of the great new shows.

The Greatest Viggo Mortensen Movies Of All Time

This is an article to discuss the films and career of Viggo Mortensen. Mr. Mortensen has been acting in films for over twenty years, and has quite a few memorable films under his belt.

Batgirl – The Real Story

Batman and Robin have always been popular since their debut in 1939, and especially during their TV series of the 1960s starring Adam West as Bruce Wayne. Through their history, a number of characters have appeared, some for long periods of time like Commissioner Gordon, and some for short periods of time like the female Robin, Stephanie Brown (there actually have been several Robins although the best known has been Dick Grayson). One of the most popular has been Batgirl.

The Best Films Starring Cameron Diaz

This article will discuss the movies and films of Cameron Diaz. Ever since her breakout role in The Mask, Diaz has become one of Hollywood’s premier actresses, starring in all sorts of different genres of films. She has had some great films, and some not so great ones.