The Essential James Cameron – 5 Must Watch Movies

James Cameron is one of the finest directors in Hollywood today. As part of the Hollywood elite, Cameroon has spearheaded some of the biggest technological innovations in cinema. His groundbreaking work in special effects can be seen in movies like Aliens, Terminator, etc. As we prepare for the release of his latest movie, Avatar, let’s refresh our memory about Cameron’s earlier movies.

5 Must Watch Martin Scorsese Movies

Martin Scorsese is one of the finest directors in Hollywood. With more than three decades in the industry, “Marty”, as he is popularly called, has made some truly amazing movies. From “Mean Streets” to “The Departed”, Martin Scorsese has delivered time and again.

Regular Prem Ka Ghazab Treatment

A Class 9 drop-out who loves to make others happy; he is Prem (Ranbir Kapoor), president of the Happy Club. He will go to any lengths to help those who are members of the club – even if it means kidnapping and then get chased by angry policemen.

New Moon Film Marketing And How This Can Benefit Independent Films!

The phenomenal Twilight Saga continues with New Moon… in the weeks building up to its opening weekend it has gained massive amounts of attention and awareness. This is no surprise given the techniques they have adopted.

How Low (Or High) Should You Go?

With the lines becoming increasingly blurred between high and low culture, what side do Britain’s favourite personalities appear to be on? Or can there be no dichotomies with the two sides to the debate intrinsically linked?

Why Every Warrior Needs a Bat’leth

Bat’leth weapons are used in battle and ceremony by the Klingon race in the popular science fiction series Star Trek. In recent times, the Bat’leth has accompanied many a Trekker to a Science Fiction Convention. Trekkers around the globe step into the roles of their chosen Star Trek characters by dressing up and role playing.

The Relations of Klingon Culture and Bat’leth

The Bat’leth is a traditional crescent shaped sword used during Star Trek Klingon battles and ceremonies. Outside of the Star Trek galaxy, enthusiasts adorn Klingon warrior outfits to attend important Science Fiction conventions and the Batleth is a common scene at these proceedings.

Closed Captioning – A Very Public Affair

Most people think of closed captioning as something used only in the privacy of our homes. In fact, the Americans with Disabilities Act has resulted in an increased use of both open and closed captioning in public places.

Gossip Girl Episode 10 – The Last Days of Disco Stick

I couldn’t watch Gossip Girl anymore without bitter feelings if this episode hadn’t dealt with the fact that my fave twosome and tolerable onesome shared that extra hot moment and now have to live in its aftermath. Dan’s feel good mentality about the threesome is short-lived when the weirdness between Olivia and Vanessa turns into rivalry. A choice must be made, but it’s not Dan who decides.

Reviewing the Great Debaters

This film is based on a true story, a historical event taken place in 1935. The characters are true as well as the place. Yes, Wiley College according to Wiley college site was initially founded in 1873, for minorities especially African-American students by the help of the Freedman’s Aid Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church in order to provide education for the “newly freed men” and preparing them for a new life. This college is located in Harrison County,Texas.

Review of the Film the Great Debaters

The Great Debaters is a 2007 American drama film. Denzel Washington, the director of the film who plays the role of Melvin Tolson, Wiley College English professor, has won the Academy Award twice. Also, Forest Whitaker is the other African-American playing in this film who has won the Academy Award for best actor in The Last King of Scotland…

New Moon – The Movie, Mania and Merchandise

A look at the New Moon phenomenon and the merchandise that has been released in conjunction with the latest Twilight movie! Is there no stopping this modern cultural hit?